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It looks like a Natasha movie isn't going to come out until 2019, that if we are lucky. So us in withdrawl have bought the Avengers Confidential (animation) movie. So maybe a follow up with some besides the Punisher who was in the first. Most of us uber Nat mashabiki appreciate anything with our fav spy girl. Of course most real Nat mashabiki upendo every issue of BW comics and know much zaidi about her than her mashabiki who only see her in the movies. BW & the Marbel girls delve into her childhood in the red room child training camps. Pretty eye opening and nrutally Russian-esque. I think a good hard honest look at what Narasha went through after Ivan Petrovich dropped her off for the Red Room to mold her, would be great.
posted by MarvelFandomGrl
Dear Marvel,
Natasha Romanoff is an intelligent, strong, independent woman who deserves her own movie. I know that Marvel is focusing on Captain Marvel right now but come on! Everyone knows that in The Avengers Black Widow and Hawkeye were overshadowed. In Winter Soldier she was aliyopewa zaidi of a role but then Marvel replaced her with Captain America in the toy version of her motorcycle stunt.In Age of Ultron she got a larger role than in The Avengers but fell in upendo with Bruce Banner. Which I though was completely out of left field!(Sorry to anyone who ships Brutasha I respect your ship) I ship...
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