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Blackadder Back and Forth.
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Lord Yarmouth had little confidence in the prince Regent as a sailor
He made a bet with Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle that HRH that his HRH
would not spend a single night at sea. Nagle accepted the bet and increased it to 100 Guineas for every night thus spent kwa the prince. Nagle told the prince of the bet,
and the latter-against his inclinations-contrived to stay onboard four nights.
Yarmouth quite justifiably complained that telling the prince was unfair, but he paid the 420 Pounds
The only person, then one of the intimates of the Prince of Wales, who could not exactly assimilate himself to the smooth and silky ways of the courtier was...Sir Edmund Nagle, Whilst ( other courtiers) would accost wewe with all the suavity and urbanity of the most finished gentleman, Sir Edmund (contrarily) would meet wewe with his usual:
"God Damn wewe !" and "What do wewe want now?"
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11/06/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson filming project "The Magic Flute":

Then R.A. San decided to stay San R.A. as long as possible, turn into Sun R.A. only during crucial moments and become one of many British Voracious Beasts time to time. He turned Olice back to Alex she got used to and asked:

- Any memories about The Rabbit Hole?
- What exactly?
- Our projects.
- No. Only my personal stories put into your projects, the projects were hidden from me anyway.
- wewe better pretend that wewe have dementia. Otherwise, The Snake will do one for wewe with a help of electromagnetic poison, electrical beams...
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1106/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson filming project "The Magic Flute":

R.A. San and Olice simultaneously made another sip. Miagi came into the parlour where they relaxed having a glass of the same German red:

- Would wewe like some, Miagi?
- That is most kind of you, R.A. San! Red wine is so good for your moyo muscle!
Then Miagi frowned:
- Olice is Russian!
- No, she is not, - alisema R.A. San, - she is BBC One and BBC Two.
- I heard that Olice went barely alive out of the Rabbit Hole where she was watching Chess play...
- Some Snake decided to murder her there with electromagnetic poison...Only she wrote her Invoice to BBC - the Rats had started pulling her back into the Rabbit Hole...
- What would wewe say Olice?
- True, true!
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06/04/2022 Towards Sir Harry Enfield filming project “The tooth of King Edward” kwa Mrs O.A.Taggart:
-    Mars realy looked like his ancestors in the Spencer family, in the dangerous times he turned his face to God and asked just in case:
-    - Suppose, i know who is Satan, don’t get it – who is God...
-    - Sun R.A. is God! – alisema Sun R.A. and called for the arrest of the Rat, the dirty MI6 member who had a history of having his “Daddy” sneaking into the “Thales Communications” after murdering the vet in Hertfordshire....
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13/04/2022 Towards Sir Harry Enfield filming project "Tg Edward" kwa Mrs O.A.Taggart:

Sun R.A. (Sir Rowan Atkinson) turned to the window with his phone at his left:
- Our British Satan and our British God have chosen Bach "Passion" for the Royal Marines long time ago, the Irish Vikings are ready, what's the matter with you?
- Alex alisema to the Charing kuvuka, msalaba Police Station, our Parthenon, that the key could be her and her husband Mr Taggart's private telephone number 02038420355...And her husband's e-mail address is, probably her husband's personal history, Mr Taggart was...
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06/06/2021 Towards blackadder/sir rowan Atkinson filming project "The Magic Flute":

Sun R.A.with his hand on his yew mti handle of a crimson velvet armchair propped with his other hand in the long white sleeve his black velvet soft hat adorned with a large lush Estridge recently hunted. He slowly started:

- Mrs Olga Alexandra, do wewe remember the summer of 2017?
- Well, what should I tell you, my Lord? Hell. That which I saw was a hell. The crowds in different clothes were matching the streets of Wembley, some of them looked like Sir timothy Dalton with his Dutch The Lilliputs, some reminded Sir Pierce Brosnan and Sir Robert Carltle of different nationalities...Some were in smaller groups цуку imba ыщтпы songs:
" Великий Могучий Союз Краснокожих" while their supporters were riding the steel Mustangs they changed every week.
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