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Source: Taemin SHINee Russia ( Facebook)
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link made the 2010 link link list, March 17th 2010.
It was the fifth mwaka for the maarufu list, which annually ranks the one hundred hottest women. The orodha covers everything from muziki and movie celebrities, from countries all around the world, to the women of pageantry, all the way over to the women of NCAA sports.

BoA’s multilingual skills (she speaks Japanese and conversational English along with her native Korean and has recorded songs in Mandarin Chinese) have contributed to her commercial success in South Korea and Japan and her popularity throughout East Asia. She is the only non-Japanese...
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posted by KoreanBird
Excitement takes over me
come make your way through my dizzy head
as if a girl meets a prince
it's a dream-like story
the glittering, hot flashing lights
they all thirst for me, when they reach out their hands
i can't pass by
i'm captured kwa your glance

Hello, mr. Perfect
you've met me
from now on, i'm really transforming into a super star
in my flowing blood
the permeating melody
is born again with a perfect you

*boa, dna
self-esteem with a reason
it's all right, yeah, that's right
that ndoto i dreamed of
my newly shining method of becoming a blue star
everything i possess, i'll copy and...
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posted by RnBStar13
Underneath a setting sun
Something wicked your way comes
Who am I? Just a dream
Sent to take you, shake you, make wewe scream

Try to see - there - behind my eyes
Be in me - ah - you're hypnotized
Such a moon - rare - we shouldn't waste
Very soon - ah - I'll have a taste

Should I let wewe awaken?
I can't resist!
Look around wewe
You're forsaken

You scream
But there's nobody to hear
It doesn't matter
It's only wewe and me and all of your fears
So scream
A Halloween serenade
Illusions shattered
Wait 'til you're really afraid
You're gunna - ah - ah!

Run and hide - please - from my embrace
In the night...
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