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posted by Yosuki-Hiroshi
Character Chart
Character's full name:Aurona Kaila De Naivha Boreas
Reason au meaning of name:Inspired kwa the ice god, Boreas and her daughter,Aurora.
Character's nickname:Rhea
Reason for nickname:N/A
Birth date:November 19,0002

Physical appearance
Age: 2000,2030 During Flint and Davis' period
How old does he/she appear: 19,23 during Flint and Davis,period
Weight: 48 pounds,50(30 years later
Height: 5'7ft
Body build: Slim bot not TOO skinny and a bit muscular
Shape of face: n/a.
Skin tone: Snow White
Fur Color:Navy Blue
Eye color: Very Yellow
Glasses au contacts: Green when going to public places...
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