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posted by simpsonbum
boredom is a thing that man has tried to elude for many centuries. i like many men have tried to help the boredom cause kwa posting a spot on fanpop. (its a lame solution, but hey, wewe didn't think of it). like all people i suspect i will fail but i will give a valiant effort to take down this awesome foe. (awesome meaning big, not cool).

this spot is dedicated to giving links, videos, good stuff to read, and discussion topics(witch are hard because this spot doesn't have a talk-able topic.), and good polls.

P.S. i found a great place where wewe can make banners for free. they're not really that high quality, but hey, why not it works. check it out in the viungo if wewe cant get a banner for a spot of yours, it was hard for me.