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posted by NickleBackFan
 Bullet The Hedgehog
Bullet The Hedgehog
Name: Bullet The Hedgehog
Ages though my series: 13,14,15,20
Likes: annoing Ghost, Hanging out with Rocket and the rest of his friends.
dislikes: Someone harming his friends.
Thoughts on death: Doesn't care if he dies
Closest friends: Rocket, Izzy, Olley
Team: Team Super
Teamates: Rocket and Izzy
Personilty: is very stubborn. He's nice most of the time. He likes to cause mischeif.
Family: mother -dead- father -dead- little sister -becca-dead--
Fueture family: Wife -Izzy- Twin sons -Gaget adn Tyler-
Backstory: -Most of it from a book-
Forms: Super form, vamper Slave
Planned death: Never -is immortal thanks to becoming a vampire slave-
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posted by NickleBackFan
Name: Kufo "Murderer" The Hedgehog
Age: 18, 19, 20, and 25
Likes: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dislikes: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thoughts on death: Hopes he dies soon
Closest friends: Zac
Team: none
Teamamtes: TT~TT ^
Personilty: quiet. revenge seeking. has manners.
Family: Mother -dead- father -dead- older sister -Alyss-dead--
Future Family: Adopted son -Zac-
Back story: -going to tell this in story form- Murderer, au should i say Kufo, was 2 years old when his tiny village was attacked kwa invaders. For a 2 mwaka old, Murderer was pretty celver. One day, he walked into the living and asked his sister, Alyss, where his dad...
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