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(Dr Wolf)
I Try to keep Hyrule in check
for I'm it's new found prince
since ganon keeps kidnapping me
and calling me princess
I've got to rule as a prince
it's plain for all to see
it's got to be my destiny
for it's what my cutie mark is telling me
I am not a alicorn
I'm not fit to rule
although with all these bad guys
I'm much safer in Hyrule
I've got to keep reviewing
it's plain for all to see
It's got to be my destiny
for it's what my cutie mark is telling me
(comander Fireband)
I don't care much for woundering though
and Sombra an't so much a hoot
no matter what I try
I can't teleport au fire...
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after watching the moon rises animatic kwa Dr. mbwa mwitu I can't help but feel like Dr. mbwa mwitu and Luna as a couple, my idea for how it might work is that Dr mbwa mwitu traveled back in time to try and save Luna but failed so he went back to his own timeline and after Luna was freed kwa the elements of harmony she tried to find if her one and only friend was still alive, she found him in his office and was overjoyed to know he was alive, while they were embracing each other their lips touched and the two realized they were kissing but didn't pull away, memories seem to come back of all the good times shared while together and soon they realize they're in love, Dr mbwa mwitu is the first to realize this and confesses first followed shortly kwa Luna's confession, then mbwa mwitu asks Luna for a tarehe and she says yes

that's how I think they should get together
tell me what wewe think in the maoni and I'll see wewe inayofuata time
added by Kibahina96
added by Kibahina96