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posted by Milena96
We've waited far to long to, watch it all crash and fall through,
So when wewe feel like shit you've gotta keep on pushin,
If wewe saw the world through my eyes, then wewe wouldn't feel so high rise,
Its time to take a chance you've gotta sit back and hold tight.

Theres forces working in our heads but we don't understand them,
I need a map to find my way out all the time,
Theres curses lurking in our heads but we don't want to find them,
We need to come back down and face what we've become.

We've become!!!

The zaidi I think the zaidi I wish I'd pushed stop then hit rewind,
What I would give to have a day...
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posted by Milena96
 Their third album, released on 27th April 2010.
Their third album, released on 27th April 2010.
“Where the fuck have all the riffs gone?”

That's what Matt Tuck wants to know. He and his fellow Bridgend band-mates have been listening to the radio, going to shows, and – for the last 7 years – answering that often-asked swali with their own metal-clad minstrelsy known as 'Bullet for My Valentine' – one of the most intense acts to come out of Wales since mega-groups Funeral for a Friend and Lostprophets put that outer-rim of the musical galaxy on the map. But make no mistake: geography is where their similarities end. Chalk it up to teenage years spent worshipping the likes of...
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posted by Crbay14
 picha Taken kwa Corey Bayless (Citizen Image 2008)
Photo Taken by Corey Bayless (Citizen Image 2008)
Citizen Image 2008
Once again the Showbox Sodo out did itself. This time the chaos-causing bands were Toronto’s own Cancer Bats, California’s Bleeding Through, and United Kingdom’s Bullet For My Valentine. The “No Fear Tour” line-up brought some head-thrashing metal, with a mix of some quick finger work on the fret board from Bullet For My Valentine’s Michael Paget. All in all this onyesha proved to be the most bruising experience for me — and my now broken camera.
As I approached the Showbox Sodo, I could see only one thing: a ukuta of people that stretched as far as I could see. This...
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