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hujambo everyone (as always). I just can't resist uandishi an makala now, just because I want to share something with you. The whole meaning of this story is to make wewe think and inspire you. Yesterday I was coming nyumbani from a walk, it was a quite cold autumn evening, the coldness often starts suddenly, one siku it's still pretty warm and sunny, but the inayofuata siku wewe already get first snow... So I was just climbing the long stairs to my 5th floor apartment when I saw a little butterfly, kipepeo on the inside of a window. Someone had opened a window and butterfly, kipepeo flew in, it looked a bit weak since it has...
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posted by lilylove89
Butterflies are my inayopendelewa insect.cause they are so beautiful.But let me tell wewe what happened before.When i was walking nyumbani from the libary.There was this big machungwa, chungwa and black butterfly, kipepeo that followed me home.It might of been my guardian Angel au something.But like i alisema They are so beautiful.I think they are the most beautiful insect that God had ever made.And one zaidi thing.When i was little My room was filled with butterfly's and of course fairy's.And when i go outside to play.I try to catch them.
have wewe ever watched a butterfly, kipepeo closely?if wewe have then i'm sure that wewe can see how independent they are.each one is a little different like us.and the way they fly so gracefully in the sky gives me a inspiring feeling that i can someday fly too.i know i may seem a little much,but it is how i feel.and that is why i will alway's upendo them because i know when i'm feeling down seeing a butterfly, kipepeo makes me know that no matter what i go through i can be confident that i -in the end-will be okay because unlike the butterfly,i have family and Marafiki that willhelp me through anything.
posted by wildreach
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Butterflies are extraordinary creatures – complex and enthralling. The zaidi one learns about them, the zaidi intriguing these air-borne jewels become. They employ many diverse methods such as mimicry, camouflage, seasonal colour changes, and sexual dimorphism to attract mates and avoid predation. Some undertake migrations and indeed the Monarch butterfly, kipepeo found in North America may fly as many as 3,000 miles which for its size is one of the largest migrations of any creature.

Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera which also includes moths and skippers. Lepidoptera is one of the most successful orders in the world and includes zaidi than 180,000 species which can be found virtually everywhere Read zaidi here