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posted by sonicgirl9
Gender- Male
Age- 15
Eye Color- Dark Blue
tarehe of Birth- Jan. 5 1993
Special Ability- outstaning skateboard abilities, Super Transphormation, and electricity
Height- 4" 11"
Wieght- ???
inayopendelewa Color- Brown
inayopendelewa Sport- skateboarding
inayopendelewa food- Nachos
Personality- sometimes bossy but mostly nice. Good humor and is always trying to lighten a bad situation. Loves to race others in skateboarding, entergetic and sometimes patashika, longi off in work, but he will eventually get the job done.
posted by sonicgirl9
Once there was 2 hedgehogs tryin' to defeat a misterious darkness that caused suffering and depression, Alice the Hedgehog, Carson's mom, and Grey the Hedgehog, Carson's dad. They had exilent teamwork. They decided to get married and have one of there own and there came Carson. When Carson was only 2 his mom died from an unknown cause so his dad raised him alone till' Carson was 8, in that mwaka his dad died from a illness that came from the remainder of the blakness. Carson was then forced to live with his granddad, Kile the Hedgehog. Carson's dad once visited him in a dream and told him to...
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