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these is the cartoon I'am thanking about doing my mom tanks I'am not going to do it so here is a script I wrote for the cartoon,space adventures.
threse aer odd names so steck with me

(moon is tring to wake up sunshain kwa saking her with a pellow.)

Moon: Get up, sunshain.

Sunshain: I'm up.

Moon: Gut up.

Sunshain: I'm up.

Moon: Get up.

Sushain: I'M UP!!!!!

Moon: Good mornnin' Sleepin' butty

Sunshain:( looks over to the alam cloock.) Moon dude it's 7:00 A.M we don't leve for school tell 9:00.

Moon: I know, but daisy told me to wack wewe up. Somethaing about a box, so get readdy and met me down stairs....
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