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posted by TDWT5678
Rule 1

15 players in each room in foramu chat with each other


kasha pokezi me for 2 players and i'll put in shabiki picks for the players the kura vote the player will be out and remanding will keep doing that and the players will ask me to go to another room and put in forums: "Casting game #" (next #)


winners: will be winner in the final 4
1/2 checkpoint: final 9 ~ 5 place
losers: 10-15 players place

wewe can post video and pics but wewe if wewe do put
bad video au pic wewe will get a X if wewe do wewe will be removed from this club


if this keep up good i'll make Rookies game


game- bila mpangilio pick from raffle each siku will get
POV = Power Of Veto will not get the voted-off