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Source: Digital DNA
Pain...another word to describe what came as I turned around and reacted too late.I had only been focusing on getting to safety that I hadn't noticed the dune raiders that had tailed me for the past mile au so.It was night out and they had taken all but my tools and knife,so I set up my metal tent out under a pile of red rock.Soon after I could hear
vehicles,not loud but close enough to know it was military humvees.I dug out the hatch on the 20x20 metal box I was in.It was easy to store because it was nano-technology and folded down to fit in pockets.But anyway,they saw me and told me to identify...
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Torment...that's how I describe it,torment because of what the traitors that were perceived as our protectors,were actually our greatest enemy.But that was yet to come,our story starts off 8 months earlier in the forest.I was at station ALPHA on the cliff,watching over the excavation on the ancient ruins we had discovered only hours before."Archer,get down here ASAP" crackled my radio,"Yes Sir!" I responded as a climbed down the rope ladder from the watch on the cliff.But as I jogged past a cave,from the corner of my eye,I caught a glimpse of something moving.Very strange too because I was...
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