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posted by MISAforever
Relationship Stats
How they met:
Chase was already working for House when Cameron started her fellowship. They met through the job.

How long were they together:
In Season Two, Chase and Cameron had a one-night stand. Both stated that it should never happen again, but Chase implied that it probably would, saying that "when two people have sex, unless it sucks, if they can do it again, they're gonna do it again. And it didn't suck." Sure enough, Cameron came to Chase in Season Three and suggested that they start a no-strings-attached, Marafiki with benefits sexual relationship. Cameron claimed...
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I was wondering how are wewe today. I miss wewe but i have decided to follow what wewe alisema to me the night we were lockdown. wewe remember? wewe told to songesha on and that´s what i will do from now on.

Still loving you, Chase

Everything started with this letter. A simple letter that Chase wrote to me after we separate, he wrote many letters, but he never sent one until this one. and how i know they exist, because he told me then and i read them but that is another story, not the one i want to tell right now.

It was Sunday when i got this and it cause me a lot of trouble, becaause i didnt find...
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posted by sahour95
 The first mshambuliaji, mlipuaji wa bomu for CC fans!!
The first bomber for CC fans!!
My fellow fans, my dear friends, I’ll say goodbye! After this article, everyone in this club will resent me and hate me forever! Yet I ‘m going to be a journalist so I shouldn’t be worrying about that. I must dare to write this!
I’ve watched House ever since it came out, and I was very emotionally involved with the characters ever since it had started. And certainly Chase has always been my ultimate inayopendelewa character in House, so to some of wewe that might sound biased, au bizarre and twisted to come from a CC fan. But I have to let it out!
Anyways, I’ll stop stalling and get it over...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
she hadn't words. no longer felt her heart. she really did not want the child / children (will be further understood >:). only the beginning. but then began to imagine how he (Jesse) and she is walking around the woods with the child / children, most importantly it was to Jesse married and she is now Jennifer Spencer. but everything was over. now she was nothing. was left completely alone.
Jen, what happened.- asked suddenly concerned-louise
ah. how she wanted to kill her. to steal the man she imagined as her husband. restraint is hard not to kill her.
-no. I will nothing. even I could not...
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posted by MISAforever
I was paged?
What are wewe doing here?
Can we talk somewhere?

Why won't wewe sign the divorce papers?
It's been on my to-do list...Sorry.
Will wewe sign them?
Not until we have a real conversation about our marriage.
Okay. I made a mistake coming here. I'm sorry. I'm gonna leave this copy here

We were working on it.
And we failed.
No, wewe had a conversation with house, then came back, informed me that I'd been forever poisoned kwa him and started packing.
It's interesting how your story leaves out the part where wewe murdered...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
Everyone is wewe
And wewe are everyone
Each step is yours
Any car which stops in front of the house
Is yours ...
You're not here
But I feel your perfume
You're not here
But I hear your voice
From Memories start to hurt
In my dream I see your image
You laugh
You touch me
I Not want to wake up
I want to hug you
But here
Clock rings again
And again I mgawanyiko, baidisha from wewe
And again, my eyes filled with tears
Is this a nightmare?
Or dreams?
In the evening I'm alone again
Between four walls
That surround me
Our picha
That kills me
Can wewe breathe?
I can not
I hate myself
But everyone tells me that I musn't
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
Just ideas for CC.

Chase"i just want to say to wewe something.i upendo moyo is broken without you.if we have problems we must found the light together.i kiss House but...but i not feel anything.i think only for with me"
Chase"why wewe say me that wewe kiss House.why wewe not lie me?it will be secret .And we will live i cAn want divorce."
Cam"because i'm your wife!and now i not want lies au secrets.i just want childrens,home and to can say me MRS.Chase"chase kiss cameron

Chase see cameron in park.
CAM"hi.what wewe do:)?"
Cam"watch childrens.they...
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posted by MrsBellaSwan
Cameron's POV: "okay, lets go meet dad at the park so he can take wewe to his house." Melinda and Cheyenne always upendo going to see Chase.
Cameron thinks: I miss Chase, he made me feel
salama with him. I wish we never got divorced.

Chase's POV: "hi girls." Chase smiles and hugs his daughters. he thanks Cameron. she nods and gets in her car. Chase watches her drive away and thinks: I wish we never divorced. I miss her smile, her eyes, and her ring hand in mine......I still upendo wewe Allison Cameron

posted by MISAforever
Taub:Does black tie optional really mean black tie? 'Cause I don't wanna rent...
Cameron:There's been a glitch with the wedding...And House will be interested
Taub:A glitch?
Cameron:Patient had his corpus callosum cut to correct a seizure issue.
Taub:A glitch?
Cameron:The seizures stopped after the surgery, but he's having trouble adjusting to a mgawanyiko, baidisha brain.
Taub:A glitch?

Taub:I hear the sperm is very good today. I mean the salmon.
Chase:Go away
Taub:No other tables.
Chase:You'd let your wife keep another man's offspring on ice inayofuata to the frozen peas just in case? That's what this is about. She's...
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posted by MISAforever
Chase got paged down to the front dawati in the lobby only to find that Cam was sitting there waiting for him. Chase was not a happy Chase to see her. She asked if they could go somewhere and talk, so they went into an empty clinic exam room. She asks him why he still hasn't signed the divorce papers she sent him a while zamani and he says it's on his "to do" orodha but he hasn't gotten to it yet. Heh. She tells him she brought another copy and wants him to sign those so she can take it with her, but Chase says he won't sign them until they have a proper discussion about their marriage. This pisses...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
We not have beautiful CC scene from ages and i just decide to write makala how they meet:D

Cameron:Hi:D Can i sit to you.
Chase:Yeah why not*Chase opens his flirt mood*Well,what is wewe name
Ch:Beautiful name
Ca:Thanks,And wewe is...
Ch:Robert.What wewe will drink?
Ch:C'mon,stand Sam
Ch:O_oif wewe saing.
The waiter comes
Ca:W-h-a-t!?!I want water
Ch:This is vodka.Not gonna kill wewe like sex*smiles*
Ca:*smiles too*

After 10 cup vodka

Ch:Which brand is this shoes?
Ch:What happen

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posted by lovehousemd_frv

Chase and Cameron at the car
-what we doing?-chase asked cam
-i relly not know what to only choice is to chase
-but why with me
-not wewe want to be with me...

Before 3h
-hI,rob.what up
-omg.Ally/what wewe doing here
-i think we must to talk
-uhm.i not like how wewe are talking but ok
-come with me
-@my car.if we talk here after 5 sekunde s house will know everythin
-will come

2.15 pm,tuesday
*the car*
-so what we will talk about
-uhm.for nothin
*cameron start to drive*
-Cameron!what the hell wewe doing?
-shut up.Please
-stop the car
*cam continue to drive*
-stop the fucking...
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posted by Chameron-lvr
[Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to the onyesha House MD and its creators David pwani and Katie Jacobs]

    Today was the day, 1 mwaka zamani on this siku Allison Cameron became Allison Chase. She smiles and takes picha album off the shelf, this is the album she's saved for her work/family photo's. Flipping to the first page she sees a picture of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, she smiles as she remembers her first siku there.

    She had just gotten everything in her locker, walking to her bosses office kusoma the door, she...
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
Chase was hearing the rain outside.He was lying into kitanda when his clock onyesha 6 am.He get up and go to the shower.He not felt how much cold was the water.He stay upright when the writer ran down on his cold like ice body.He open his eyes when thinking how this happen.He was thinking for him,himself when was a small boy.He was from the rich one.He was getting what he wants,but every night he was hearing the voice of his father,the voice of his mom's tears,how the broken pieces glass form his mothers glassful falls onte the floor.He was hugging his mto and was trying to 15 He was young...
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ReASoNS WHY We LoVe THeM- Jessifer--
-It didn't really matter if it was now au later becasue it would be someday.
-Because he proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower
-Because we don't know what sparkles more; her smile au her ring
-Because he asked her to marry him in French
-Because all the things she was hoping for in her life are now possible
-Because she's all for being an Aussie
-Because he called her babe on tv
-Because she alisema Oui but not in french
-Because she realized she will have a nyumbani and a family with him
-Because when she was in tears he asked "My gosh HONEY what´s wrong"
-Because they have Jessifer´s power
-Because they are one of the cutest celebrity couples ever
He sat in the plane uncomfortably. His head spun as the pilot took off, he hates flying, especially in such circumstances. What am I doing here? He wondered silently as he rested his back on the seat, to where I’m running? To who? The truth is he isn’t running to anyone, he’s running from someone, au running from that painful experiment that he’s been through.
He fired all the thoughts from his head and closed his eyes, trying to sleep in his long journey, but he couldn’t, as her picture hunted him, and the memories, good au bad, flashed before his eyes. Every word, every moment,...
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posted by MISAforever
Season 4
House: I could have wewe fired!
Chase: You've already had me fired.
House: Which proves that I can.
Chase: Were the men wrong?
House: No. That doesn't change the fact...
Chase: Why are wewe yelling at me?
House: Because performing tests for someone who is not a doctor in this hospital...
Chase: You're frustrated. If wewe want help, I'm here. If wewe just need to vent... leave a message.
Cameron: I like him better this way. You?

Season 5
Chase: We could try that new sushi place inayofuata to my house.
Cameron: Why don't we stay at my house tonight?
Chase: We always stay at mine.
Cameron: That's what I mean....
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posted by MISAforever

House:Why is the soon to be sekunde prettiest Dr. Chase here?
Cameron:I'll take that as a congratulations.
Wilson:We're discussing a case.
Amber:Why did he close that file?
House:Wedding in two weeks? I'd say wewe were pregnant but I don't think Chase's body is mature enough to produce sperm.
Cameron:It's a small ceremony. Why wait?
Wilson:Nighty night
Amber:Drugs with no lecture? He wants wewe out.
House:Interesting case?
Cameron:Possible prostate cancer came into the ER.
Amber:Pencil cup.
House:Woha! No wonder his prostate is enlarged. It's full of billiards and cigars.
Cameron:Chase's best man...
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posted by Chameron-lvr
Allison Cameron stood in front of Princeton Plainsboro hospital, her brain wouldn't give her feet the message to move. it's been 6 years since she had set foot in this place, this horrible but wonderful place. the place where she got the job of her dreams, met the man of her dreams and was fired. where she watched him get down on one knee, asking her to be his forever, where she had been Allison Cameron-Chase and here she watched it unravel before her eyes.

she walks inside. and the first person she sees? her gruff and lonely mentor, Greg House. he sees her and smiles, limping toward her "Cameron,"...
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posted by MISAforever
Cameron: Negative for E. Coli and TB. Why is House taking it easy on Foreman?
Chase: He deserves a break.
Cameron: Yeah, House is all about giving breaks to people in need.
Chase: No on klebsiella. And it's Tuesday. It's got nothing to do with Foreman au House. It's just... It's the siku I remind wewe I like you, and I want us to be together.
Cameron: Thank you. I'd forgotten.
Chase: No on brucella and both viral antibodies.
Cameron: You're really gonna do this every Tuesday?
Chase: wewe take the siku off, I'll pick it up on Wednesday.

Chase: No markers for hepatic fibrosis. Nothing for MCADD.
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