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 Shannen Doherty
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The main reason why I loved and will always upendo season 2 is mainly because of the fact that Leo and Piper were able to have a real relationship and The Charmed Ones grew into their powers not to mention were zaidi experienced.
    I liked the introduction of Dan Gordon and Piper’s relationship with him because he was actual competition for Leo and a guy that he would have to fight to win Piper and her moyo back. What really helped him was when The Elders clipped his wings because he healed her without permission not to mention when he told her he would fight for her now...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECT: (6.11) "Witchstock"

During its eight season run, the fantasy-drama "CHARMED" has occasionally featured an episode dealing with the topic of time travel. These time travel episodes usually prove to be well-written au exceptional. However, there comes a time when the series produced a time travel episode that end up being a dud. The series' Season Six episode, (6.11) "Witchstock" proved to be the latter.

Directed kwa James A. Contner and written kwa Daniel Cerone, "Witchstock" begins at least a mwezi au two following the first-rate (6.10) "Chris-Crossed". At the end of the...
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