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posted by kittendrawings
Charmmy Kitty was born after Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty was born May 20, 1998. Charmmy Kitty was still in the Peyton Petropolis Pet Shop. Charmmy was really playful, and when it was Hello Kitty's birthday, She wonderfully got a little kitten. She named it Charmmy Kitty, and hung the golden key on Charmmy Kitty's neck for Hello Kitty's diary.
Charmmy loved to PLAY a lot, so, if wewe adopt her
wewe will mostly find her awake at the moment.
She'll really roll around, under you, and play Peek-A-Boo! If wewe spot Hello Kitty products with Charmmy Kitty on it, say "Mom,Dad, Charmmy Kitty!" And if wewe do, your lucky.
Charmmy was born after whom?
a. Hello Kitty
b. My Melody
c. Bun-Bun
d. The wingu Twins