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This is a picspam I created featuring the 20 prettiest animated heroines in my opinion(as a girl).

20.Sally(The Nightmare Before Christmas)

19.Nani(Lilo and Stitch)



16.Tuptim(The King and I)


14.Chel(The Road To El Dorado)



11.Esmeralda(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

10.Julianna(The Magic Sword:Quest For Camelot)

9.Snow White(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

8.Emily(Corpse Bride)

7.Babette(Beauty and the Beast)

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posted by dimitri_is_hot
This is just what I think anyway. There's no need to explain why they're underrated beauties, I'll just say what I like about their looks. Not sure for the placements though. Looking at my orodha again, I noticed that they're also underrated characters, not just in the looks department.

 10. Sissi (Princess Sissi)
10. Sissi (Princess Sissi)

What appeals to me about her appearance is that she's graceful and looks really feminine.

 9. Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove)
9. Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove)

I haven't heard anyone say this about her but I think she's so pretty, I absolutely upendo her eyes.

 8. Annie Hughes (The Iron Giant)
8. Annie Hughes (The Iron Giant)

She's really...
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wewe know me, always making makala about people of color and their representation in media, specifically animated media for children. So I decided to focus on indigenous representation and which characters are good and bad representation in fairly well-known movies. This isn't in any particular order either.

For this list, I chose heroines that have heritage from a country that is predominantly industrialized because of the conquest of a foreign culture. Mainly tribes where they no longer speak their original language and there race is no longer the majority even though they are the natives...
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I thought with the many claims of lack of representation in children's films as a PoC I should take it upon myself to bring some underrated sinema of different cultures to light. Granted not all of these are necessarily children's films, but they are all animated and I personally think every kid should see them.

I have each ethnicity I could think of and animated sinema where that ethnicity is well-represented. I want to build on this so if wewe don't see your ethnicity here please tell me, I want as many sinema as I can get with as many different walks-of-life! These depictions are supposed...
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I like animated movies... a lot. And whenever looking my inayopendelewa sinema EVER they do happen to pop up a lot. But sometimes it's hard to remember that the world of uhuishaji isn't dominated kwa Disney and it's nice to remember sinema I enjoyed that didn't have a big name behind them so here I am to share some animated sinema I upendo that are not connected to the biggest names in uhuishaji namely Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and Studio Ghibli. also I am going to avoid sinema that wewe had to see a TV onyesha au anime to fully appreciate it so alas I must say sorry to "Kim Possible a stich in time" and...
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Much like my old makala where I compared Ariel and Merida, I decided to continue it after quite a few years. But this time it's me comparing sinema that are similar, though not something I'm planning on making a habit of. So far, I'm just going to be doing Pocahontas vs Anastasia and Sleeping Beauty vs The swan Princess. We'll see where it goes from there. We'll be starting with, kwa maarufu demand, Pocahontas vs Anastasia. First of all, I'm not going to bring up the historical inaccuracy of the two films because that's just really pointless. They're not meant to be educational, they're meant...
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 bila mpangilio Picture~~!
Random Picture~~!
1st makala on this spot~! Hope wewe Enjoy~!


I upendo her. She is so cute. && My inayopendelewa character from PatF~!


9.Jane (Tarzan)

I upendo her looks~! I think her eyes are very pretty && I upendo her hair color~!


8. Pocahontas

She is so beautiful~! An amazing figure && a stunning face~!



I upendo her face~! && her hips are very big but I have big hips too && I upendo that on her~!


6. Wendy

She is so so so pretty to me~! I like her hair && face. She is also one of my inayopendelewa characters...
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As some of wewe might be aware, there is going to be a potential live-action remake of the 1994 animated classic, The swan Princess. The original movie is one of my all-time inayopendelewa movies, not just in uhuishaji but in general. It has fantastic songs, a lovely score, great characters, beautiful animation, a cool villain, awesome action scenes, funny comedy, and an engaging romance. So I am both very excited and cautious about the live-action remake, due to how much the animated movie means to be (I was actually born only twenty-one days before the movie was released in theaters). I don’t...
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I saw other makala with tha same topic and I don't agree with. I think meg is beautifiul and many makala didn't even include her. Also I saw an makala saying that the thought jessica was the hottest, but not be mean I find her kinda ugly. So here's my orodha of the prettiest animated characters in my opinion(by the way i'm a girl)I've never seen princess and the frog but when I saw pictures of tiana and charlotte I thought they were pretty so I had to add them here.









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I've been planning to do this for a long while and my orodha kept changing so here it is. Since I created my juu 20 inayopendelewa Disney animated sinema I thought it was only fair to do the same with Non-Disney animated movies. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and please comment, enjoy.

20.The Secret of Nimh

This is pretty ironic because I use to think this movie was HIGHLY overrated and was just okay but now I upendo it. It's a really interesting story. The uhuishaji is really beautiful, it's not as good as The Little Mermaid but hujambo we're not comparing apples and oranges. The heroine of the...
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It took me a long time to get this all put together. While I was make this orodha my moyo just completely broke. It was really hard deciding what scenes would be included and which wouldn't. There's a lot of sad moments that unfortunately didn't make the cut. I had to watch many sad clips and it killed me to have to watch them, they broke my heart! I cried so many times and I'm a guy who hardly ever cries! Anyway please leave a maoni telling me what wewe think, enjoy.

20.Ariel's Left Brokenhearted

I hate when people say this isn't sad and that Ariel doesn't work hard au deserve a happy...
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While I've never been one to spend hours thinking about who is the most beautiful character ever, I do admit I have my vipendwa in terms of beauty. I might have done this list, but I'd prefer to do it now again now that I've got my vipendwa cleared out. I add things like likability and personality aside from physical beauty in terms of how beautiful I find the character.

Most of these choices are in between conventional and unconventional, but it's mostly into what I personally find attractive. Remember that this orodha is subjective and it's all my opinion, so don't get mad if your faves aren't...
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I think I did this orodha a long time ago, when I first joined Fanpop, but since then my opinion on things has slightly differed. Some female characters have stayed on their permanent spot, while others have been dropped off the line. Some new have been added.

What is consistent in this list, though, is that in general i upendo female characters, especially the animated ones. When well written, I often find them to be very interesting and appealing characters (that may be due to me being a woman, but I don't want to follow cliched gendered stereotypes).

This orodha may go into personal territories...
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posted by uploaded900
I promised wewe that I'd make a orodha of my hottest animated guys and here it is! Who doesn't upendo some animated hotties? It was really hard considering that I have a feeling I might be missing some, but here are my juu 15 Most Attractive Animated Males! Some of these guys are just like the kind of guys Im attracted to in real life and others, not so much.

15) Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

Yeah he's pretty much the definition of a "dweeb", but when he grew up, he became a total viking hottie. He's not my usual type, but he is face is so pretty that I can ignore his peg leg and awful voice....
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 The Heroines that didn't make into the juu 20 ;_;
The Heroines that didn't make into the top 20 ;_;
Hi Guys I know wewe all wait for those results and they are finally here! And because I'm very original (Jk) this makala will include our skype convos about each heroine. Oh and LOTS of Credits to the amazing JonnaSe for the beautiful pictures.

PL: princesslullaby
JS: JonaSe
DG: DreamyGal
DL: diluka96
CD: CuteDiana

 All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. A little bit of pixie dust.
All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. A little bit of pixie dust.

20. Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
PL: dont have opinion
CD: -haven't seen the movie in a while-
JS: bitch, kahaba Tinker Bell is awesome, upendo how she will kill wewe if wewe just as much as think about touching...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
It wasn't easy narrowing it down to just 10 ladies, but I gave it my best shot!

10. Thumbelina
 "Will they like me?"
"Will they like me?"

Don't let her pint size appearance fool you...she gets into zaidi trouble than wewe could ever imagine! She's sweet and just adorable, plain and simple. I upendo her outfits, and I really upendo her long flowing hair. I feel bad for her thoughout most of the movie...all she wants is to find her sweet Fairy Prince, and life just keeps throwing curve balls her way. But eventually, she overcomes her obstacles, marries her handsome Prince, and viola! She becomes a fairy!

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This is my sekunde makala on this spot and it's about what I think are the most beautiful animated females (excluding animals) and I can tell wewe that all of the girls on the orodha are beautiful, but it was very hard to come up with a great orodha and this can change at any moment!

20. The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs):

Out of the Disney villains she's the most beautiful in my opinion though Vanessa from The Little Mermaid is a very close second. Anyways, even though we never see her hair I think she's very beautiful, I upendo the eyes though they can creep me out in close ups,...
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Hey! I made a Getting to know me makala when I first joined here, but I decided to update it and why not in the CAMH style? So I hope wewe enjoy it!

My name is Alexandra, but wewe can call me Aly, I'm 14 years old and I live in beautiful Greece. I'm a bookworm and kind of a nerd, but I dislike school. I mean, I like the fact that I meet my Marafiki e.t.c. but generally I like to learn in my own ways and the pressure and anxiety I have everyday in school are horrible and I can't control them. I almost never study, but still manage to take very good grades (19 and 20 mostly, in Greece our grades...
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Much like my hivi karibuni Pocahontas vs Anastasia article, I'm continuing my sinema vs sinema makala with Sleeping Beaty vs The swan Princess. A little background is that both sinema are based off plays kwa Tchaikovsky, Sleeping Beauty and swan Lake. Although Sleeping Beauty is also based-off the original fairy-tale kwa Charles Perrault and a little bit off the story of Briar Rose kwa the Brothers Grim. Unfortunately, for both the Charles Perrault Sleeping Beauty and the original play of swan Lake, it ends in tragedy. Sleeping Beauty didn't wake up from her deep sleep from true love's kiss, it was...
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I know this orodha may look controversial coming from me but I am just notoriously indecisive. Please don't be too hard on me haha ;)

10. Sailor Moon
I didn't get that much into the series but I am in upendo with the character designs and costumes. Everyone is so cute and this meatball head is the cutest IMO. I upendo Serena's hairstyle, eyes and cheeks!
9. Emma Frost
Honestly, I don't really like how they drew Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men. Her looks are mesmerizing in most of the variety pack comics so I don't feel like the TV onyesha did her justice. Although I'm just a big shabiki of her looks...
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