cobra Kai My Own cobra Season 4/5 Predictions

TerrySlivers posted on May 29, 2021 at 12:33AM
I have a BUNCH of season 4 and 5 predictions.
That I would like to bounce off some folks out
There and see what they think...

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
*I believe Aisha will return...probably in season 5.
She will broker a truce between Sam and Tory.

*I believe Chosen will return in season 4. He will
come stateside and be a visiting sensei...
he will serve as a mentor and mediator for
Daniel and Johnny. His style perfectly bridges the
gap between Miyagi-Do and Eagle-Fang. He will
help them focus and form a more cohesive philisophy
moving forward...with Terry Silver now in play
they are gonna need him.

*I am definitely the most unsure about.
Mike Barnes. But I feel like the writers are
going to do more with the character than make
him Silver’s hired gun again. I believe he will be
a more fun character this time out...with comic
relief elements even...I believe he will either turn
good or will have already turned good when we
see him again. The actor himself suggested...he
might have turned into a peace loving hippie-dippy
type which would subvert expectation and be

*I believe Terry Silver will team with Tom Cole to
put the Larusso’s in the poor-house.
They will be completely broke..I feel like we’re
talking Rocky 5-lose everything poor. This will set
a up a redemption arc.

*In the Larusso’s darkest hour...they will get help
from either Jessica Andrews/Julie Pierce
in some way. This will echo the help Daniel got
from Kumiko.)It is most likely the writers will save
Julie Pierce for season 5.) I’m thinking
Politician/Lawyer...or something to that effect to
combat against Terry Silver and the
Dynotox war chest...with Julie there will be an
obvious Miyagi tie-in...Daniel will I’m sure gain
knowledge about Miyagi he was unaware of prior.

*John Kreese will have an actual Darth Vader
moment...he will turn back to the good side(pre-
Vietnam) when he sees Silver about to kill Johnny
Also, Robby will at long last
connect with both Johnny and Daniel after they
fight to save him in the battle to end all battles.
We will get to see Betsy in present day at some
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DarkSarcasm commented…
Great theories! Terry teaming up with Cole would be diabolical. Daniel and Johnny really are gonna need all the help they can get. =D zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
Some really interesting theories you have. You certainly bring food for thought. I also think that Chozen will bring his unique style of Karate techniques in order to help Johnny and Daniel and like DS says they are going to need all the help they can get. I'm also not sure what they will do with Mike Barnes but i'm sure they will have something planned for him that may just surprise us. I like the idea that Kreese will have a Darth Vader moment but i'm not sure if he has it in him but then under that hard exterior I do think he has a soft spot for Johnny. It will be interesting to see if any of your predictions are right. Enjoyable read thank you for sharing :)
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
Thanks for the reply, y_rose. :) I appreciate the
the feedback. Some of those ideas have been
swirling around in my mind since the end of season
2 even. So, it was very good to share. I think
most of my theories are fairly plausible...but we
shall see!

Indeed, it WILL be fun to see if: any, all, or some of
them actually come to pass. Do you or DSarcasm
have any theories that you guys would like to
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
^ Most welcome :) Since season 2 ? that's interesting and yes I think your theories are very plausible. I don't know about you or DS but I don't think that it is all plain sailing for Johnny and Daniel to win the tournament. I feel like the chances are Kreese and Silver will win maybe with Robby against Miguel which will leave it open for season 5 to have the biggest show down. Also I think we might find out who Miguel's father is i'm not sure who but a lot of people are saying it could be Terry Silver.The plot thickens hey I can't wait for season 4 :)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
The All-Valley...yeah hmmm...?? that could go any
number of ways. I think like you said...the
conventional wisdom is: Miguel & Robby.
(The golden boys of each waring faction..which
makes: Sam & Tori.......wait for it-the golden girls...
boom chuck! whomp whaaa.) It almost seems too
obvious tho...either pairing really.
What if they threw us a curve? Demetri? He’s
come the farthest-training-wise besides Miguel...
Demtetri & Daniel are most like
Daniel in alot of ways...FWIW
The Finals: Demetri v Kyler?? I dunno...
that seems like a REAL longshot but maybe?

I don’t think I buy the Silver is Miguel’s dad or Tory’s.
But I could be wrong obviously...

I think Miguel’s father will come out of the
woodwork and nab Miguel and take him back to
Ecuador. Johnny will hijack an F-16...and bust him
out- going full Iron Eagle...this will happen in a
Johnny dream sequence...just kidding.

I think it would be beyond awesome...
If johnny’s former boss: contractor Mike was
Mike Barnes all along. But Johnny doesn’t know
him as a karate guy...nor does Mike know Johnny
that way...Johnny doesn’t even know Who Silver is
After KK1 (very beginning of 2)
Johnny probably left the Valley for a
while...Barnes has repressed or tried to forget what
an a-hole he was all those years ago. New Wave...
Meditation...the whole bit. Now he’s all about the
good happy vibes, man.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
I forgot to ask. Do you think season 4 is when we
finally get to hear classic 80s montage tune:
“You’re The Best Around” ??
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
Oh, yes I agree maybe Robby and Miguel are obvious pairing but i'm not sure that Demetri can stand the pace to get to a final. Maybe throw a spanner into the works and go with Hawk vs Kyler now that would be one awesome show down ! it would be good to not have the usual choices for once.... time will tell.Yeah, i'm with you I don't think Terry Silver will turn out to be Miguel's dad but I do think we will find out who is in season 4.I am very interested to see if Johnny pays more attention to Robby instead of Miguel for once but I suppose it will be increasingly hard for him now that Kreese has taken Robby under his wings. I wonder if Robby will come to realise that Kreese really doesn't have his best interest at heart and turns on Kreese himself. Well the possibilities are endless *lol* ! we could go on forever if but what ! Choose what happens both Silver and Barnes are going to make their presence known and I think Johnny and Daniel are in for a huge shock when it all comes to light !

To be honest I don't think we will hear “You’re The Best Around” in season 4 I think they will save it for another time I suppose it depends on how many series they make but I could be wrong.Do you think we will hear it in season 4 ?
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
I think “You’re The Best” will probably be heard in
season 5 or maybe 6 if it goes that far...
(I hope it doesn’t tho.)I think it would be ridiculously
played out by then. How many large scale karate
riots can one valley sustain? I hope it goes out with
a furious roar rather than a whimper.

I HATE how Robby always gets short changed.
It’s beyond ridiculous!!
Amanda is a credit to the show. But it’s frustrating
how she is the only adult in the series with any
degree of emotional intelligence/communicative

The thing about Barnes. If he’s still gonna be one
of the bad guys...does he still just want his own
chain of dojos? Hope they come up with
some other plausible motivation if they decide to
go that route.

Thanks for listening to me talk this out..
Definitely helping get it out of my system.
Lol! ;)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
Aww no problem anytime it's good to speak with like minded people especially when it comes to Cobra Kai !
Yeah it certainly is beyond ridiculous when Johnny keeps putting Miguel's needs over his own son's he really needs to make amends there before it's too late i'm intrigued to see what happens between the two of them. Oh and I fully agree Amanda is certainly the glue that holds things together she is everything you said and more plus she's feisty and a shrewd business woman she would make a fantastic sensei herself ! maybe she could take over from Daniel at some point this space you never know *lol* ! Which Dojo are you rooting for btw ? i'm with Miyagi Do all the way as I need to find that inner peace/balance in life and the other Dojo's would make me nervous wreck XD ! I do think Barnes will still be a bad boy and he does have bad history with Daniel so I think he will be gunning for him in some way and you could be on the right line that he is Johnny's old boss also he could be in the running to be the dad of either Miguel Tory or Hawk so there are a number of ways in which he comes into season 4. I'm waiting with anticipation as to what they eventually do with his character.
I agree I think that “You’re The Best” will be played in season 5 or 6 when its most appropriate. The writers of Cobra Kai have done an excellent job so far and I too hope it goes out with a roar and not a whimper but then there are still the kids so they could have lots of scope there for future shows :)
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…

I feel like Silver will be the only character that stays static when it is all said and done.

Pretty sure he was, is, and always will be, a mustache twirling villain. (Ok ponytail twirling?)

Think we are in agreement here...but I have to say...I dismiss some of the most popular parentage theories thusly: Although, Silver is the same age as Daniel in real life his character is in his 70s. I hate to sound ageist but in my mind that gives him only about a 5-10 percent chance of parenting anyone in our known Miyagi-verse. Johnny and Daniel are in their 50s and have teenagers...which is already kinda getting up there. Yes, Silver is a world traveler. Yes, Silver and Dynotox prob. had some dirty do-ins in South America. Yes, Silver is a real sleazy Don Juan...but naaaa. Tory’s dad? Tory Silver sounds kinda like Terry Silver? She wore a ponytail once or twice I think? Naaaa. Hawk? Nope. I don’t think so either.

Barnes is a more likely dad of one of ‘em just because of simple arithmetic...but still I give that about 20-30 percent chance at best. So he comes back as a bad guy brought in by Silver and then we find out...oh yeah he’s this kids dad that we know already...seems too convenient plot wise. The math doesn’t work for me.

I feel like Barnes is the California Penn...maybe Barnes and Dutch even know of each other? Silver bribes
judges and courts and arranges for Barnes early release. So right away Barnes is indebted to Silver...and he has him in his pocket. Barnes wants to beat Daniel...because of the defeat too...but it was more a business transaction from the get-go. Plus, I don’t believe he’ll hang on to a 30 year old grudge like Daniel and Johnny did/still do...(which is ridiculous really) (most of that was because of Ali...let’s be honest)

Silver not being Miguel, Tory, or Hawk’s father gives them more ways they can go too. He becomes another potential obstacle for our heroes and anti-heroes to actually use Karate on...someone ELSE besides Cobra Kai. Remember Louie’s Bikers? the goons in the garage? Trey and Cruz? I smell another Daniel and Johnny team up mission. Also Miguel’s dad being someone presently unknown is simply more believable.

Enough rambles...

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
Before I forget again...I am TEAM MIYAGI-FANG...or whatever the combined venture is to be named...It sort of sounds like I am cheating the question I guess. But, I just think those guys together have a chance to make something really unique...very fire and ice...yin and yang
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
Rambles are good !

Moustache ? *lol* yeah Silver is a ponytail twirling villain ! I think he will still have that ponytail after all these years but then it is his trade mark ! You think he will stay static i'm not so sure let's face it he is a master manipulator I mean Daniel believed everything he said to him....did he not learn anything from MR Miyagi !
So that being said Silver like you say could be the puppeteer behind Barnes that would tie in your theory on them both.
I don't think Silver is the dad to any of the kids Barnes maybe is but then they are bringing some new characters into it so maybe no one we know turns out to be dad to Miguel Hawk or Tori !

Yes Ali is the root of all of this maybe she will come back in season 4 and didn't she say she had a daughter who was a bit wild maybe she will come into it and give Tori and Sam a run for their money. Do you think that Stingray will make a comeback ? I don't think so but who knows hey. He was ok but I didn't really warm to him. I agree about Trey and Cruz we haven't seen the last of them plenty of scope for their characters that will be interesting to see. "Miyagi Fang" sounds like a fitting name for the new dojo they are very yin and yang so this blend could really work with a little help from Chozen. I thought you were going to choose Cobra Kai because of your user name. I do wonder what they are going to choose for a name though lots to look forward to in season 4. The only thing is once it's here you can watch it all in one go then have another year to wait for season 5 *lol* !
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
Stingray was not my favorite. I get that he was
supposed to be comic relief...but‘s was
a little too dumb IMO. The coyote creek
capture the flag thing was mildly amusing...but I did
not really think he fit all that well...its a show about
HS karate kids afterall....
I think the dude who plays Stingray is really great
in other movies I have seen him in though.

Yeah, its possible Ali could relocate back to the
Valley after the divorce...and the writers sure do
love a good love triangle-maybe a little too much.
They could make room for her.
I don‘t think they‘ll do that least in
season 4. Maybe season 5? I think they are
trying to keep it to a few nostalgia characters per
season. They‘ve got: Terry Silver, Julie Pierce,
Jessica Andrews, Mike Barnes, Dutch, Snake...I
know they wanna cover their bases before the run
out of time.

I should have been more clear about Miguel‘s dad.
I meant I think his dad will indeed be a bad guy...
similar to some of the other lesser bad-ees.
I just think he will be like a secondary plot element.
that‘s all.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
Yes, I fully agree with all you have said about Stingray. I think his character just didn't fit in well really. Didn't Carmen once say that she left her husband Miguel's dad after she found out about his dirty dealings and needed to get away from him ? but then we haven't heard much about him since. So at some point he is going to want to know his son and is definitely going to make his presence known sooner or later.I agree with your theory on him. What about Julie Pierce being the Mother of Tory ? We haven't heard too much about Tory's background/family I suppose season 4 will explore more of that.There is so much to look forward to season 4 really looking forward to it now !
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
I know...totally. I’m starting to get super-stoked for it! All the talking about it and theorising is making me crave season 4 even more... Better pace myself. It’s something like Oct. at the earliest-Dec. at the Latest? Like you said good binge watch and you’re waiting another year minimum.
Yeah, Carmen said he was a really bad man. Maybe Silver contacts
Miguel‘s father once he finds out Carmen and Miguel have been in hiding all these years?
Silver then gives the dad Carmen and Miguel‘s whereabouts. That would be a very Silver thing to do.
I don‘t think Julie will be Tory‘s mom but who knows? I think we will see her in the final season...In the final karate battle to end all karate battles she will suit up in the fight against Cobra Kai.

Did she become a vet...she did love animals? She even had an Eagle or a Hawk!
But how does a veterinarian work into the plot?
Maybe Bert has a cat? Lol I think its more likely she will probably be somebody with some clout.
Will Jessica Andrew use her Artwork to design a mew logo for
Eagle-Do/Miyagi-Fang?? Lol. Or will Jessica use her mountain climbing to save someone?
(Strange she‘s from Ohio...not usually thought of as a great state for mountain climbing/repelling.)

PS. I am officially rich, have ONE nugget of gold. Not even real good at navigating the site yet... kinda sad.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
EDIT: I am officially rich!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
Yes you will be rich with one lifetime gold *lol* ! The way to earn gold is by posting content into clubs like images,polls,articles and video's. You don't get gold for adding to forum posts though.Gold allows you to buy banners and backgrounds for your profile. I don't think there is much to navigating this site I think if you join more clubs preferably active ones then you will get more things in your updates. You can use modern fanpop which has the black background or classic fanpop by clicking on "use classic fanpop" at the bottom left hand side of this page.

I like your theory that Silver contacts Miguel's dad to inform him where they are it really is something he would do especially if there's something in it for him ! I don't think Julie will be Tory's Mother either and yes I think she did become a vet and I can see Bert having all sorts of cute animals he's just so cute himself *lol* but he does take a lot of knocks I feel sorry for him ! Yes I think Jessica should design the the new logo for Eagle-Do/Miyagi-Fang that would be interesting XD !

Definitely a lot to look forward to and let me know if you need any more help on here :)

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
Oh yeah yeah…for the most part the site’s fairly user friendly and laid out logically. Maybe it’s just me.
Basically I couldn’t seem to get back to that screen that has: links, articles, art, etc for posting. I must have been looking for that for like an hour and half the other day. I’m like… I know I’ve been there before…I didn’t dream this…but I’ll be danged if I could find it. It was just a you can get there but you can’t there from
here situation I guess. I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the thought tho.

I do kinda wish you could edit forum posts. My fat thumbs tend to lead to typos. But that’s on me. I’ll either stop using my janky IPhone or go on a thumb diet.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DarkSarcasm said…
You can edit forums - there should be a little pencil next to your name in each post.

And when you first log in, you can access a menu with the three little lines that'll have a "use classic fanpop" option at the bottom. (I'll try to remember to get you a cap next time I log in.)

But on pages that automatically revert to the classic white layout, there's an option down there that should force every page to the classic look. (Mine says modern because I'm already on classic, but it should say classic for you.)
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 wewe can hariri foramu - there should be a little pencil inayofuata to your name in each post. And when wewe
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
Okay, thank you for the help. I appreciate it.
DarkSarcasm commented…
Not a problem. zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DarkSarcasm said…
And this is where it's at on the homepage. You have swap the layout every time you log in, but it'll become instinct after a while - and fanpopping will get sooo much easier.
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 And this is where it's at on the homepage. wewe have swap the layout every time wewe log in, but it'll
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita boytoy_84 said…
I have a couple dad theories for CK.

There's many theories of Miguel's dad being Terry Silver or even Barnes but I have one that maybe possible but it may not be true. I have a theory of Barnes revealing as Hawk’s and Miguel's father. Where Mike was married to Carmen and had an affair with Hawk’s mother (which I call her Lea) once which lead her pregnant with Barnes' child (Eli/Hawk) and Carmen finds out about Mike's illegal job and she decides to leave him and gives birth to Miguel in Los Angeles.

Another theory is that Mike Barnes is Eli’s estranged father who had a little bond with Eli in the beginning before Eli’s mother divorces Mike from being an alcoholic and that she doesn't want Eli around it. Hawk knows that Mike is his dad but considers his stepfather as his father since Hawk hasn't seen or heard from Mike in years. I predict in Season 5 that Mike returns from hearing that Hawk is hospitalized from getting attacked by Tory and the Cobra Kai gang. Hawk isn't pleased when he sees Mike entering his room and wanting to make up for all the lack of father/son bond after the divorce.

I have a different prediction where Moon reunites with Hawk after known the truth that Hawk quit Cobra Kai and joining back as Johnny's student in Eagle Fang and he's no longer a bully. As they reunite, Hawk promise her that he doesn't want anything to do with Cobra Kai and he was glad to be Demetri and Miguel's friend again. He tells her that he never wants to lose her ever again and wants to be the better person for now on. He tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her in a couple of years.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita TerrySlivers said…
I’m with ya on the Moon and Hawk quite possibly reuniting at some point. I just don’t know what I think about Silver or Barnes turning out to be the father of these kids. Anything IS possible.