cobra Kai Complete cobra Kai Season 4 Predictions: Some Obvious Some Obscure

TerrySlivers posted on Jun 10, 2021 at 10:14PM
DISCLAIMER: I consider this list a work in progress. My goal is to come up with the most plausible/probable overall list I/we can…in the hopes of developing a thumbnail sketch of what season 4 will look like start to finish. At any rate, some of these are so obvious they are’t much of a prediction at all. ex. Daniel and Johnny arguing. Some are ideas I had myself and saw others online had similar ideas. ex. Silver and Cole team up. In other words, maybe I wasn’t as original or creative as I
first thought. In the case of Daniel finally dealing with his PTSD…I straight-up borrowed that because it’s just too right on the $$ I tried not to blatantly steal anything. I don’t think we’re keeping score but 90 some-odd percent are out of my noggin-I think?

Cobra Kai Season 4 Prediction Overview:

* Clean-Up @ Casa Larrusso (duh)
* Daniel and Johnny bicker about teaching philosophy and pretty much everything
(duh again)
* Silver forces Daniel at long last to deal with his own PTSD
* Silver tries to bring Johnny back into the fold but ultimately fails
* Silver uses spies to infiltrate Miyagi-Fang/Eagle-Do
* Silver teams up with Tom Cole
* Silver tortures Johnny through Robby
* Silver being Silver gives Johnny and Daniel an opportunity to bond
* Daniel and Miguel bond and this causes petty jealousies between the senseis
but later the two bond even more because of Miguel
* Silver will put Miguel’s father in contact with Miguel and Carmen
* Miguel’s father will try to woo Carmen. When this fails, he will threaten
Carmen and attempt to kidnap Miguel…Johnny will intervene
* The Larrusso family will lose the dealership and their house
* Louie will betray the family
* Daniel and Amanda will get separated for a short-time
* Amanda will break bad a little more than before as Silver’s attacks are increasingly
more intense and a more direct assault on the family than ever before
* Miguel will be re-injured by Kyler in the Semi-Finals
(I saw a theory that Robby would “sweep the leg”…I think Kyler
will be the one disqualified.
* Samantha will face her fears and defeat Tory in the Semi-Finals
* Samantha will face Robby in the All-Valley championship…Robby will win
* Mike Barnes will be teased for season 5
* Chosen will arrive stateside to mediate, mentor and consul Johnny and Daniel
He will help them come up with a cohesive philosophy of karate and a strategy
for the tournament
* Johnny and Carmen will be on again off again
* Robby will date Tory (duh)
* Silver will try to turn Hawk back to Cobra Kai
* Ali is not completely out of the picture
* Barnes will be teased for season 5
* Johnny will save Daniel in a fight this time around
* Aisha won’t return until season 5
* Kreese will find out Betsy is still alive
* Kreese, Silver, & Barnes will have Johnny & Daniel outnumbered and all but
beaten when Chosen shows up and starts evening the odds in the season
ending battle.
* Silver will go too far and Kreese will come to Johnny’s aid
Silver will strike back and inadvertently cause Kreese to
be a paralyzed or even die (heart attack?)

What did I get right? What did I get wrong? What did I forget?
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita yorkshire_rose said…
^ I wait in anticipation to see if any of your predictions come to light. I think some of them just might :)
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