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Monday July 15th siku 1 - inayopendelewa Character

Tuesday July 16th siku 2 - inayopendelewa OTP au inayopendelewa non romantic relationship

Wednesday July 17th siku 3 - inayopendelewa Knightmare au inayopendelewa Geass

Thursday July 18th siku 4 - inayopendelewa Character from your inayopendelewa organization (Knights of Round,Student Council, Black Knights,Geass Cult,any others I missed here) au inayopendelewa Royal Family Member (this can include characters outside of the Britannian Royal Family like the ones in Resurrection like Shamna and Shario)

Friday July 19th siku 5 - inayopendelewa Scene au inayopendelewa Episode

Saturday July 20th siku 6 - Character Who Grew on wewe au Character with the best development

Sunday July 21st siku 7 - Celebrate the end of CG Week your own way au inayopendelewa Quote from Your inayopendelewa character from siku 1
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