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posted by Hellowittykitty
Hi, Hellowittykitty here, signing off! I've just joined Cosmo the Seedrian's club. *applause* and I just wanna know, does she upendo Tails, and do they end up together? But my possible theory is yes. I dunno why I think this, but I believe that she showed signs in Sonic X ( I don't watch that show, my sister watches it but I like it! ^_^) that she likes him. Also, a picture on Deviantart showed that she was hugging Tails because she was scared au something close to that. I like Cosmo, but sometimes I see her as a bit too princessy, as if she wants everyone to protect her while she sits back and...
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posted by Shadow_3
Chimera : *Takes supply box from Senrity*

Senrity : Now remember no plots for the Materex.

Tetra : No worrys mother. We'll be good.*Heads for ship controls* COMPUTER! Set the countdown for take-off!

Ship : Please eter password.

Tetra : *Types*

Ship : Confirmed. Setting countdown. Countdown set. 10...9...8...

CHimera : *Runs in* *Waves from window*

Ship : 6...5...4...3...2...1...Take-off.

*Ship Heads into space*


Tetra : *Controling the ship* COMPUTER! Set a course for "Earth"

Computer : Setting course for "Earth"

Tetra : Hmm...

*10 years later*

Tetra : (Yeah I know this is ridiculous but I have no...
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posted by soniclover300
 So called "Rosetta" help me find out if she is real
So called "Rosetta" help me find out if she is real
hujambo guys,
just wondering if wewe have any info on season 4, I was on : link ta_the_Seedrian, and they alisema there will be a 4th season of sonic x and it will have Cosmo's daughter but the background info sounds rather familliar.... Cosmo's story is the exat same if wewe check out hers aswell, very mysterious. So I am just wondering if anyone knows any vital info eg: roumors, pictures, plot, synopsis ect.... Also any info on Cosmic Galaxy, they have their watermark in Rosetta's picture and if I know about them I can find out if she is real.
 Cosmo, definate hero, posible mother
Cosmo, definate hero, posible mother
 Tails, our fluffy furry freind, posible father
Tails, our fluffy furry freind, posible father
 Is sonic am uncle (not to kirby but Rosetta)
Is sonic am uncle (not to kirby but Rosetta)
 Cosmo : But how come they don't want ME?
Cosmo : But how come they don't want ME?
Cosma : *Serves chai and cookies* So, Your from Planet Green-Gate?

Cosmo : Yeah.*Takes a cookie*

Sunny : Were wanted people it's not salama to go around.

Cosmo : But how come they don't want ME?

Sunny : So that's why Cosma doesn't get chased anymore.

Cosmo : I'm not wanted. Why do they want YOU?

Sunny : I'm considered dangeroues unless I'm around Amy, Sonic, au Cosma au anyone else.

Cosma : *Grabs a cup of tea* how crazy. Were your kind and she get's pumeled kwa the goverment.

Sunny : I escaped once. June 7th, 2010...
I was pounding on the glass when a blue thing appeared and carried me outside to safetey....
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 Sunny : BUT SHE WAS A D**K!!!
Sunny : BUT SHE WAS A D**K!!!
Sunny : *Talking to Amy* We've all had some crappy jobs right?

Amy : I have one. Chasing down MY Sonic!

Sunny : Whatever wewe gotta do it. First job I had...

Amy : *Giggles*

Sunny : HA HA HA!!!(Sarcasrtic)

Amy : HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Sunny : I'll come over there man.

Amy : Sorry.

Sunny : My sister got in the job too girl my sister got in the job. wewe think that'd be awesome because she's my sis. She was the manager. BUT SHE WAS A D**K!!!!!

Amy : O-M-G can we pick this up later?

Sunny : Why?

Amy : *Sonic runs kwa her* CAUSE IT'S TIME TO WORK!!!

Sunny : GOOD LUCK!!!*Walks the other way to Cosma's...
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Juliet : Well I wish our parents were here.

Kisha : Ma-Ma...

Cosmo : *Signals Juliet to be quiet*

Tetra : I am afraid her scar and blinded eye is uncureable.

Juliet : ... :'(

Sunny : Any information on our parents?

Tetra : Nothing so far.

Cosma : I haven't gotten a single connection from the ship that was destroyed.

Juliet : Well,
DUH! it was destroyed!

Cosmo : Kisha wewe need to go to bed.

Kisha : *YAWN* Nuh-Uh!

Cosmo : *Looks at Juliet angry*

Juliet : dodent they say the cutest tings?

Cosmo : *Walks in giving her the "I'm watching you" movement*

Sunny : O_o

Cosma : O_o

Tetra : O_o

Juliet : O_o

Sunny : ...No...
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 Kisha : No more.
Kisha : No more.
Cosmo : hujambo Kisha. *Holds her* is this really all that's left of US?

Kisha : No more.

Juliet : is it just my one eye au are we really here?!

Tetra : Were here honey!

Cosma : So. Were ALL here?

Sunny : Never doubt it!

Cosmo : I'm so glad someone found wewe Juliet!

Juliet : I am too! tetra found my floating in that pod in space and saved my life!


Cosmo : What happened?

Juliet : Well after the Materex attacked me they shoved me in a pod sent me into space and I eventually passed out of lose of oxygen.

Tetra : I found the pod and dragged it in. I opened it and saw that Juliet was...
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posted by Art_Girl13
Juliet : *Waving from window* (So this is how it ended when I was 5? Sadly, Yes. But not all ended just started horrific)

Juliet : *Ship in space* *Heads 2 controls*

Juliet : COMPUTER! Set a course for earth!

Ship : Changing course to "Earth"

Juliet : I know that's where I need to go but do I just let it go? (I thought for a sec I did it wrong. But then I found a little note. I couldn't read.) *Reads it* COMPUTER! Set a course for the..."Materex?"

Ship : Changing course for "Materex Ship"

Juliet : (But the note really alisema DON'T plot a course for that ship. But for was too late)

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