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Anne didn't exactly give me any spoilers about the rest of the season, but she definitely gave some hints...

Please check out my interview and coverage of 'Covert Affairs'!

"On that note, do wewe think Danielle might get the chance to end up on a mission?

Of course I would want her to, just as an actor, because all of that stuff just looks so fun. But storyline-wise I think it’s pretty far from having that happen. I think Annie Walker is pretty conscientious and would not allow Danielle to get involved unwittingly with anything that dangerous. There is always that chance that Danielle can get caught up in something, right? And that’s part of the danger of Annie living in my house. But of course I would want to, I get jealous of all the other actors."
posted by Dadog5
First I think Annie and Auggie are just sooo cute together! And I silently cheered when in the sekunde episode when Auggie is inaonyesha Annie some fighting movies. It was super cute!
And I soon had a make up story of a upendo scene between Annie and Auggie!
So here it is( and it's kinda short) , it's called " A Blind Kiss ":

After a hard day's work, Annie is finishing up some paper work, when Auggie walks up to her desk.
"Didn't know wewe were still here"
"Oh just finishing some work, I had a lot of walk in's today."
Says Annie. " Yea wewe should get home, you're tiered." Says Auggie and starts to walk...
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posted by VintageSmile
A young CIA trainee, Annie Walker, is mysteriously sent out into the field. Auggie Anderson, a blind officer, is Annie's guide in her new life.

In the blink of an eye, an assignment can go from routine to rogue and when Annie finds herself in situations with no rules au prior training to guide her, all she can rely on is her intuition. Too bad her intuition didn't keep Annie from getting her moyo broken kwa someone she believed was the man of her dreams ... but that was two years ago. Now the CIA and its inherent dangers are a welcome change -- almost a kind of refuge.

She takes comfort in her...
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