Cowboy Bebop Smoking in Cowboy Bebop

mmkstarr posted on Jun 07, 2016 at 05:06AM
I noticed in Black Dog Serenade that there was a theme of smoking. And Spike and Jet smoke all the time. It seems like a very iconic thing. I am a smoker, two years now, and it seems to resonate with me. Jet's partner, the last thing he says before he dies, is, "I guess I couldn't quit smoking after all." Which, after the whole episode, seems like an almost trivial thing to say. Nothing about the betrayal, or him and Jet's time together as ISSP partners. Maybe it's a token to the power of smoking, to relax, to cause lung disease, to all sorts of things.

Anyone else have any words regarding smoking in Cowboy Bebop?

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