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Storystuff posted on Mar 26, 2010 at 11:59PM
Man, I LOVE this film!!!!!! So, pub quiz:

1) Fave scene

(I'm not too sure, I have to may!!! Spike in jail/being arrested = lol, the 1st and 2nd vincent fight, the aerial dog fight, too many!!!)

2) What do you think happened to Electra. In ep 24 (set after the film) Spike doesn't seem too sad that shes gone. Did she go back to work? Did she die? Was she that women wearing the wierd purple clothes in the credits? Idk

3) Ok, kinda off topic, Faye and Spike: Yes or no??? for me its a yes :-)

4) Hate or love vincent??? I hate him cos he hurt Spike, love his evilness!!!!! And Vincent or Vicious (I like/hate Vicious more cos of his backstory!)

5) Rating out of 10. Mine would be a 9.25 or a 9 :-) Not as good as the anime series, it had a bit of a slow patch to begin with but I LOVED it!!!!! Lovelovelovelove!

Pop quiz over! If anyone can think of more q's (related to the series or the film) please add!!!

Cowboy Bebop 2 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita GVentola said…
1. My fave scene is where Faye comes back from the scene of the first attack, and they're accusing her of being the germ girl, and she jumps on Spike's back and everyone looks like they're having fun together.
2. I suppose Electra worked undercover. I do think she was the woman Spike saw at the end, hinting at another meeting between them. They would be an ideal couple, but Spike probably put an end to it early, thinking about Julia.
3. I would like Faye and Spike, but an early (early for me, not in episode order) episode, Jupiter Jazz, warned me not to get to hooked on the idea. It was the way Spike didn't care that Faye was gone. In the last episode, when Faye and Spike are arguing before he goes off to his death, I did realize Faye had come to love Spike.
4. Vincent is just a run of the mill villain to me. I'm not much of a villain person.
5. 1 to 10? I really don't know. It was good, except for the part where they were explaning the nano machines. That gets boring upon repeated viewings.

Don't forget to vote in my pick over whether the movie deserved an R rating or not.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Storystuff said…
Oh my gosh. I almost 4got about that scene!!! I love that scene!!! Its one of the cutest scenes known to cowboy bebop! (And if you notice faye went 4 spike first, sorry I'm at it agen!).
I think spike liked her, but he's so caught up in Julia that he doesn't realise whats happening with Faye till its too late and he dies. And even if they did like each other they'd neva admit to it, the most they'd probably get is a drunken 1 nite stand no 1 eva mentions agen. :-D lol.

Nano machines bit is kinda borin'and the bits with the drug company, but I'd still rate it a 8.5 (yeh I watched it agen n ure rite lol)

N no way shud it be an R rating. In the UK its a 12, which is a lot more suitable 'cos it has like blood and drugs and sexual references but R??? No way. :-)

oh n well dun on bein da 1st to post :-D
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