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posted by animelove30
Look at me. I must be obsessed. I think I am. But why?

A drugs poison flowing through my veins, slowly killing me with every breath I take. Close to death, I still smile. Your face is in my mind.

Your voice is so soothing. Though filling me with lies, it keeps me calm. wewe must be an angel. How can wewe have such power over ones heart?

With you, I break the ruled. Crossing over boundaries just to please you. It is such foolishness. But why can't it be stopped?

From across the world, I can hear your moyo beating. You're content. No regrets, no pain. How can that be so? I will not be satisfied...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Save me from my misery
This pain’s too much to bear
My world’s become too dark to see
And I can’t get no air
Grasping for a straw of hope
Trying so hard to survive
But the pain that has crept into me
Is killing me inside

And now I’m crying
I’m dying
Won’t make it out alive
I’m breaking
And aching
Won’t get up this time around
Every siku is torture
And I’ve just had enough
If I had a humanity switch
I would turn it off, off, off
I would turn it off, off, off
Turn it off, off, off
Turn it off

As everyone is moving on
My world seems to stand still
I keep going back and forth
To what was and will never...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I’m not bitter
I’m just being picky
I’m not cold
I’m just being lonely
I’m not lost
I’m just undiscovered
Living in my shell of safety
Building walls up once again

‘Cause I am afraid
That when I’d give wewe my moyo it might break
But I know
That when I’d give wewe my upendo
I gotta give wewe all I have
Leave nothing out

I’m not broken
I’m just being scarred
I’m not hateful
I’m just playing it hard
You can reach me
If wewe try hard enough
But if you’d rather not stay, just walk away
And don’t waste both of our time

‘Cause I am afraid
That when I’d give wewe my moyo it might break
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posted by HaleyDewit
wewe don't need to be clever to figure this one out
It took a while,but now I know what you're all about
I've shed a million tears just because of you
But now I see what I can be without you

We all got one single life
And I'm not gonna waste mine to your tears and filthy lies

You said:
'Please,forgive me
I know I should've been strong
But I didn't know what was going on'
You said:
'Please,believe me
I didn't know what to do
So,I didn't tell wewe the truth'

It shouldn't take much to make this one clear
But you're the only who doesn't seem to hear
You might wanna take a flight someday
'Cause when I'm stepping up...
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posted by HaleyDewit
My name is Bella and there’s something I need to tell
I’m dating this cute vampire, he’s just hot as hell
He’s fascinated kwa my none existing mind
And I fall apart whenever I stare in those liquid topaz eyes

My name is Edward and there’s something I need to say
Bella’s gonna freak when she finds out I’m gay
But I can clearly understand what she sees in me
Because have wewe ever met someone this perfectly

I used to live in Phoenix, but now moved to this rainy place
I keep whining about it and I always have the same expression on my face
I’m just a little girl who’s helpless...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Close your eyes and try to sleep
Don’t let these words disturb your dreams
Don’t think about the pain wewe have caused
For there is nothing wewe ever did wrong

Make a wish and pray it will come true
Because what wewe did will come back to you
Let these words sink into your brain
For this is for everything wewe ever did wrong

Are wewe happy
To make people run away from you
Are wewe satisfied
When wewe make a girl feel blue
Are wewe proud of yourself
When wewe make a girl crawl back in her shell
Now, all wewe bitches, wewe gotta tell me
Are wewe happy

Open your eyes and look inside yourself
How would wewe feel if someone...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I'm funny,I'm cheerful,I can make wewe smile
I would do anything for you,I'd walk a thousand miles
But wewe killed the sparkle in my eyes
When wewe started to tell all your lies
So grab your stuff and leave my life
I won't be the one to sacrifice

Turn around and take a very good look
'Cause you'll never see me again
You can give it your very best shot
But I'll never let wewe in
So walk away and leave my life
I won't be the one to sacrifice

I'm broken,I'm sad,I wanna make wewe cry
I'm a mess,I confess,I want wewe to tell me why
I wanna push wewe through hell,like wewe did with me
I wanna cause wewe pain,so bad you...
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posted by HaleyDewit
They say we should stick together
Create a chain and never let go
But I’m not gonna act like a hypocrite
‘Cause I’m fed up with your over-dramatic show
Your criticism doesn’t make any sense
It’s nothing but a bunch of crap
And I doubt I’m on my own in this one
I think a lot of people will hakikisha that

You wanna start a fight?
Let’s not hesitate
But I’m not the one to underestimate
You wanna start a war?
Let’s have it started
But I won’t be the one left broken hearted

You must be so frustrated
You must be filled with hatred
Living with only a brain cell au two
Knowing you’ll never fit...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It's a beautiful day
Sun is shining on a bright sky
How could we ask for more?
But still I 'm wondering
How can they act like this?
Are they shutting their eyes for this emptyness?

And now I need to face it alone
I need to make it on my own

So don't cry
Everything will be all right
You've gotta live your life
You need to let it go
So don't cry
Give them your little smile
Hide the tears in your eyes
About the pain they don't need to know

It's a wonderful day
People smile and are happy
How couldn't this be enough?
But still I ask myself
How can they pretend like this?
Are they running away from this darkness.

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A biography on Anne Frank

BookWriter (MH)


    On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her older sister, Margot Frank, was born on February 16, 1926. These two Jewish sisters had many differences. Margot was shy, to herself, mellow, quiet, caring, and intelligent. She was also very mature. Anne, on the other hand, was talkative, adventurous, lively, curious, misunderstood, and was very outgoing.
    Through Anne’s eyes, Margot was smarter, quieter, prettier, and zaidi grown-up than herself. The two sisters...
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added by Bandgeek_XP
This a video i found on Youtube and I thought it was a good video for the spot Video made by:"xsunnychristinax" on Youtube
posted by BuffyFaithFan1

CAN wewe TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF?" My mom asked me at the front door.
"Mom, I'll be fine!" I told her.
"Are wewe sure? I can stay nyumbani with wewe and Jared if wewe want." She asked again, and this time it sounded like she was hoping I'd say "no, don't go...stay here with me and tuck me into kitanda and tell me stories to go to sleep to."
"Mom, go! Have a great time! We will be fine!" I alisema and Jared shook his head in approval.
"Alright!" She alisema and she kissed my forhead once more, did the same to Jared, and then out the door to her taxi that awaited her she went. Jared...
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posted by SMackedLove
 My black rose
My black rose

I am not nice but I feel.
I wonder but I don't know
what about.
I hear people talking but I never know what they say.
I see many thinks but never know what I'm looking at.
I want people to look to the past but not dwell on it.
I pretend to be something I'm not.
I fell things i cant see.
I touch and the smoothest things feel rough.
I worry that the siku will never end.
I cry but tears never come.
I understand that not ever ones the same.
I say something i don't mean.
I dream but only see blackness.
I hope that someday someone we'll see through my shield I put up and see me.
I am not nice but i feel.
I am who I am!
posted by HaleyDewit
What’s wrong with me
I no longer seem to find a reason to be happy
Trying to hold back the tears searching their way to my cheeks
Swallowing the scream that’s trying to escape my throat
What wrong with me
Wallowing myself in the darkness that’s consuming me
Hoping there’ll be a siku where I can see things clear
Hoping one siku I’ll find my way back home

You better run, run, run, rus as fast as wewe can
Before I drag wewe down

I’m a pile of misery
I’m a tormented soul
I’m a prisoner of loss
Captured between my walls
I beg wewe nice from my knees
Take away this agony
I’m a wreck
‘Cause since you’re...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Ok Guys! First story ever. Please dont be kind. Tell whats wrong with it and if wewe like it au not. This is just to see how many people will read it.

The bright and blinding light streamed through the gap in the curtains. The light woke Mary as it shined proudly on her pale, white morning face. She rolled over only to see an empty space in the double bed. She was used to this but every morning she just couldn’t resist the nagging temptation to check if her loving husband was there waiting for her to wake. If only he was there with his soft butterscotch eyes and her favourite crooked smile...
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added by iluvPrinceMJ213
added by iluvPrinceMJ213
posted by UnderdogAsh
Chapter 6
Guess Who’s coming
To Dinner?

    When I was unconscious, I had a weird dream. In this dream, Lux and I found a piece of the Triforce ourselves, but the pembetatu was upside down, compared to how the other two were on the Triforce. I decided to touch this piece, which exploded into a surge of electricity and all that electricity went into me. I looked down at my right hand and the full Triforce was on it, but only the middle was glowing.
    Suddenly, Zelda and Link appeared and their hands, Zelda’s right and Link’s left, were glowing and they...
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