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I used to be a die-hard Twilight fan. (see my username. Damn I wish I'd chosen ANYTHING else sometimes.)

I still like the book in small doses now, and I even write fanfiction for it, but now I've looked critically at SMeyer's characters, and I think I realize what people are talking about when they say Bella swan is a Mary Sue.

As a person who has seen it from both sides, I'd like to say that maybe Twilight mashabiki didn't see Bella like that to begin with because she has so many "flaws".

I'm not really a mega-supporter of Bella's neediness. And I even, admittedly, wonder why she took Edward back after New Moon. Normal people with lives and better things to do would say, "Hell no am I taking wewe back. wewe left me crying in a forest, and wewe think I'll just come running back to you? wewe wanna commit suicide, go right ahead while I get the popcorn."

I still like Twilight. But maybe Bella swan was kind of 2-Dimensional.
I dislike the books, but after seeing image after image labeled "Twilight sucks", as well as maoni after maoni with the words, I'm beginning to see why we can be accused of being "haters."

"Sucks" is not a swear word. To say something sucks is not going to send wewe to hell. But it is derogatory, and immature, and does not lead to any real discussion. Well, unless some mature Twilighter comes along and say, "I see that wewe think Twlight sucks. Why?" That might spark discussion. But the twilighter has the upperground in that debate, considering the anti has already shown her immaturity by...
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OK, this is my very first makala - I have never written an makala for fanpop before. It's a poor excuse if this turns out to be the poorest makala ever submitted, but I'm going to use it anyway... please go easy on me xD. This is LONG, so kubeba with me, I appreciate it!

I have been wondering for some time now about Bella's vulnerability, state of mind, and ujumla, jumla mental well-being. New Moon, in the beginning, was my favourite book of the series, for two reasons: Jacob Black was instantly likeable and interesting, winning the title of my favourite character, but also the black hole that Bella...
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aagh! I accidentally deleted this when I was trying to hariri it. here it is again with a new title:

Bella could have gotten over Edward in New Moon and even had a real relationship with Jacob in time, but she wouldn't let herself. She felt that moving on would diminish au discredit her twu wuv with Edward and the pain she felt after he left. She wants to believe she can't get over it because she wants to believe that what they had was extraordinary, not like any other teenage romance. She wants to believe no one else in the world can relate to what she's going through. She was alone because she...
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Ok people,no violence and bad response's allowed in here,
and I actually risked my life making a critical Edward Cullen spot please understand:)

This is an extract taken from:
[u]Response to "Analysis of the Opposite!"
From:The HP vs. Twilight spot.



A small extract:

Edward is, undoubtedly, an abusive boyfriend. Yes, I know that he has never hit her, he has never intentionally hurt her. Just so wewe know, there are other types of abuse. Edward abuses Bella psychologically as well as abusing her rights. There may...
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Ever since its hivi karibuni creation I have not been able to stop visiting this spot (Not that it's a problem...haha). I decided to sit down and ponder and from my pondering came this list.

1. Everybody rates EVERYTHING.
I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing goes unrated and everyone always rates fairly.

2. The foramu are always buzzing.
I absolutely upendo visiting the forums. Someone is always there looking to chat and the maoni are sure to put a smile on my face.

3. I can have intelligent and enjoyable conversations
I don't feel like I talk to someone and all they have to say is, "OMG wewe upendo (insert...
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LOL. Revamped. Get it? 'Cause like, Twilight has Wanyonya damu and stuff... [/lame]

Okay, the Momcat has FINALLY gotten off her fat, lazy butt and done some much-needed work on some of the rules for our spot. When the spot first got started, it was fairly small and having wiggle-room wasn't such a problem; so my first batch of rules weren't all that specific. But our CAT has had many, many new kittens since then, and consequently, things have gotten crazier and messier. A lot of people have gotten confused about what this place is for, and what we're about. The CAT isn't what it used to be.

So hopefully,...
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As a shabiki of Twilight, I am part of a lot of related spots and discussions. However, as a Jacob & Bella fan, I often find myself disagreeing with most of the opinions of Twilight fans. In this makala I'll go through some maoni I've read (slightly altered - don't want anyone out to get me!) and why I disagree with them. It's really just an informal rant. :P

'Edward & Bella have things in common unlike Jacob & Bella'

... What exactly? Let me guess: Classical music? Bella knows one song and suddenly they have something in common. They both read? When do we actually read of Bella reading...
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As someone who liked Wanyonya damu before the fad started I'm one of the many people who dislikes the Twilight vampires. And thinks they should be reclassified as pixies. au that at least Zombie Bram Stoker should go have a serious talk with Stephenie Meyer about vampires... What do wewe mean Bram Stoker hasn't risen as a zombie in protest to the Twilight vampires? Why don't wewe go prove it? I'll wait...


...They didn't come back, so I'm assuming Zombie Bram ate their brains. We'll have to carry on without them. Anyway, I must admit Meyerpires are an interpretation of the vampire myth I just don't...
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i had nothing to do absolutely nothing to do. As i was so bored i began drawing through one of Dimitri's inayopendelewa cowboy novels i had a feeling this would annoy him. suddenly i felt someone looming above me i turned around, it was Dimitri just as i thought he was going to be annoyed with me for sure.
"What are wewe doing Roza?" he asked
I grinned. he picked up the novel that i was drawing in i hope he didn't see it.
"Ah one of inayopendelewa books." he opened the book and saw my lovely work of art. He frowned at me.
"Busted." i laughed nervously
"Rose why are wewe destroying my books?" he asked sternly...
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As the title suggests out of boredom I made a family out of the kittehs here who I talk to most, giving kittehs roles within the family from how I view them.

The God of the family is Bastet, She is mighty and furry, and I give Her daily offerings of cream, catnip and balls of yarn. All hail Her Glorious Fluffiness.

Everyone knows who MomCat is(if wewe don't its DearHeart), she's loving and kind and nurturing. She keeps us in line and makes sure RenCat(renrae) hasn't had too many blue Smarties.

GodCats (AuntieCats and GodMotherCats didn't sound right):
These two I view as funny and kind...
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