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Exclusive: Khandi Alexander Departs CSI: Miami

Khandi Alexander kwa Doug Hyun/CBSOK, now this is getting downright ridonkulous.

For the third time this week, I'm bringing wewe exclusive news about yet another cast shake-up at a hit procedural. This time 'round, the onyesha in swali is CSI: Miami and the departing thesp is Khandi Alexander.

Although CBS declined to comment, a Miami insider confirms that Alexander — who has played medical examiner Alexx Woods since siku one — is leaving at the end of the season. What's the story behind this exit? I'm not 100 percent certain, but, from what I...
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I upendo the CSI franchise, definitely my inayopendelewa series of series. I'm a true crime junkie, and I upendo forensics and am fascinated with the entire process of solving crimes. I know these shows aren't 100% real in how things are done but that's not really the point, is it? That's what Forensic Files is for, and which I also love. I don't mean to make this a battle between all shows, but one can't help but obviously compare them.

I watched the onyesha when it was still airing and loved it then. Years later, after it ended I discovered it was on Netflix and had to binge watch. Now I'm on my second...
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A Strange Way of Falling in upendo Chapter OneN2P?
Kyle's POV
I did not understand why I was being sent away from my mom. She was the only family I have and will ever have. All I knew is that I was being sent to some foster care place. I was going to live with other kids; but some how that did not help the situation. It all sounded dumb to me anyways. I did not want to be here. Not at all.
"Hi Kyle," someone alisema as they came up to me, "I am taking wewe to your foster home. Everything is going to be fine, there is nothing to worry about."
I gave him the dumbest look and followed him. I had already...
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(Disclaimer: what you're about to hear is my own opinion, so wewe may au may not agree and wewe may au may not think of it as petty LOL kubeba in mind this is my first makala too.)

I'm not very found of the new medical examiner, and it's not because I always liked Alexx. When Tara first arrived on the scene it was kind of a weird experience after the awali season's new one being killed on scene and then the one in between being a plant for the whole Horatio conspiracy. But once that shock was over, it was kind of like, wait a minute...what is she, like 22? She didn't seem old enough to be a...
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Kyle's POV
Lola got to come nyumbani after a few days in the hospital. It was nice to have her back. Some of the other kids were staring at her oddly because of her neck and arms. But she seemed not to care too much. Whenever she noticed that they were staring to much, she would turn, and make a funny face at them. But it was really good to have her back. We were inseparable during the days. Wherever one went, the other would follower. We were really close.
Lola had been here for a week and then things fell apart me. Some people came kwa and they adopted Lola. Our worlds had been ripped apart once...
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I got up the inayofuata morning and went down stairs. Everyone was gone except for Lola who was sitting at the jikoni meza, jedwali with a number of vitabu in front of her.
"What are wewe doing," I asked curiously.
"School," she stated simply.
"Usually wewe do school at school. So, why are wewe not there," I asked confused.
"I nyumbani school, wewe idiot," she said.
"Well, I did not know," I stated clearly.
"Whatever," she alisema as she rolled her eyes.
"Your eyes must hurt," I said.
"Why," Lola asked very confused.
"Because wewe roll your eyes, a lot," I alisema laughing a little bit.
"Oh whatever," she said, "how old...
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Some Years Later
It has been a while since I had been back in Miami. A lot of things have changed. I have grown up, toured overseas a couple times, and I have made a life for me. I have Marafiki that I have known since I joined the army and they were coming to live in Miami too. Although, some of them were getting married and I was still my single self which I did not like very much.
The first thing Mark and I were going to was treat ourselves to was some good food. We did not even want to go set our bags down at his fiancee's house. We wanted to eat something good!
"Where is wife," I asked as...
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A Strange Way to Fall in upendo Chapter Ten
After getting in the car with the cop, it was clear that we were not going back to the orphanage. We were headed somewhere else. Some part of town that was probably not a good place to be in. I looked over at Lola who was still sulking in her spot. She had not even noticed where we were headed.
"Lola," I whispered, "where are we going?"
"What in the world," she alisema as she looked out the window, "where are we going?"
"Ahh, now wewe too speak up," the 'cop' laughed, "the where abouts is a secret but we are meeting some people that wewe will know, Lola!"
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A Strange Way to Fall in upendo Chapter Nine
Juvenile detention was so boring. I had nothing to with Lola being gone. I mean usually we would just sit and hang out. But now that she was at hospital there was not much to do. I did not know any of the other kids around here. Most of them looked like freaks anyways.
After the incident I came back here to the juvenile detention. But I stayed over night then I had to go talk to Horatio.
I sat in one of the glass rooms in Horatio's building. Did he have bad news about Lola? Was Lola getting out and was I going to have to stay in longer? au would it be...
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I sat here in one of the glass the rooms with a cop. We were just sitting here silently. Horatio was off to do something. Why on earth would that guy take Lola. I mean she is probably annoying the heck out of them!
"Kyle, come with me," Horatio alisema as he stuck his head into the room.
I got up and followed him to his hummer.
"Get in," he demanded as I got in quickly.
He opened his door and noticed a piece of paper sitting in his seat.
"What's that," I asked curiously.
"I have no idea," he alisema as he got out and looked around, "it's a note... from Lola!"
"What," I asked shocked.
"Yeah, but here...
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Lola's POV
"Lola, please wake up," someone said, "please do not leave me like everyone else has!"
I felt someone squeezing my hand. I looked over it was Kyle.
"Kyle," I alisema as I busted out in tears, "you are here and alive! Are wewe okay?!"
I thought I would never see him again. I thought they would have hurt him as much as they did to me.
"I am fine," he alisema as he wiped a tear away that slipped from my eyes.
I leaned over to give Kyle a hug and my ribs brushed against the arm of the bed. Man, it hurt; but it was not has bad as what happen to me.
"Are wewe okay," I asked again, "they did not treat...
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A Strange Way to Fall in upendo Chapter Eight
Kyle's POV
I cannot even describe what happen. It was all a blur. I just acted on that moment and did not think about anything else. Before I could realize it the cops had surrounded the whole place and Lola was laying on the floor. I had no idea how she had gotten there and why she was conscious.
"Lola, it is over," I said, "you can wake up!"
I saw Horatio and he had his gun pointed at one guy while a cop was putting handcuffs on him.
"Horatio, Lola is not waking up," I said.
I listened as Horatio spouted out directions for everything.
"I am fine," Lola...
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A Strange Way to Fall in upendo Chapter Seven
Lola's POV
"Hey guys, that Lola girl is back and she has someone with her," the smallest of the guys yelled, "who is he, Lola?"
"I thought he was friend," I alisema as I busted out crying, "I thought I could run to him but he wants to help wewe all!"
"I want to help," Kyle alisema oddly.
"Here, I will take the girlie while Ace here shows wewe around," the small guy said.
"Kyle," I cried as I tried to get away from him.
"Shut up," Kyle alisema as lightly hit me across the face.
I went with it and fell to the ground. I could hear stunned silence from all the men in the...
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Have wewe been wondering what it’s really like to be a part of the Miami beach, pwani CSI team? Now wewe can get behind-the-scenes stories from the hit spin-off of the wildly maarufu series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

The incredible set visit for 2, hosted kwa Brendan Fehr (aka Dan Cooper) will give wewe a great behind-the-scenes look and an opportunity to explore the location where “CSI: Miami” stars transform themselves into your inayopendelewa crime-fighting forensic scientists and talk to Brendan about his role in this ground-breaking series. This is a rare chance for wewe and a guest to...
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A Strange Way to Fall in upendo Chapter Eleven
All I can do is stand there and watch as they take her away in an ambulance.
"Come on, son," some cop alisema as he approached me, "I will take wewe to the orphanage."
"No, I want to go to the hospital," I stated; "I have to be there when Lola wakes up!"
"I am sorry but I have strict orders to take wewe directly to the orphanage," he said.
"It is alright," Horatio alisema as he came to my side, "I am heading to the hospital and I can watch after him."
"Thank you," I said, "I just cannot imagine how terrified Lola will be when she wakes up! au if she wakes up."...
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Horatio wanted to talk to Lola and I at the same time.
"What' up," I asked curiously.
"We want to catch the rest of the men who were on that bus," he stated.
"You wants to use us as bait," Lola alisema is disbelief.
"Of course wewe Lola. wewe know where they are at and what they have been up to," Horatio said, "Besides, wewe are getting time off from juvenile detention. And Kyle, if wewe help out; I am all most certain I can get some time taken' off of your sentence."
"But why me, sir," I asked confused.
"Because Lola will go out of her way to make sure those men get caught and get a lot zaidi time,"...
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A Strange Way of Falling in upendo Chapter Four
After sobering up I found out that I was going to have to go to court on two different counts. I had already told them about being blacked mailed to kidnap that woman. I also told them why I had aliiba the mashua and who was on there. They had no idea that Lola was on the boat. It had been hours since I had been arrested. She was still in the baridi and still drunk as ever. I have never seen someone hold so much alcohol! Needless to say Horatio Caine was very upset with her. She was in one of the glass rooms with him and a cop. wewe could actually hear...
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A Strange Way to Fall in upendo Chapter Three
I hopped onto a bila mpangilio yacht. I had to run; it was only a matter of time before I got caught. First, I disobeyed kwa parole officer, second, I am being blackmailed to kidnap some woman, and third, I was going to still a yacht. I am not scared of the law, I know the limits of it. I took a swig of whiskey and then started untying the yacht from the dock. All the sudden I heard the yacht motor being cranked up. It was way to late to jump.
I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and quietly snuck to kitchen. I grabbed a kisu and made my way to the captain's chair....
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"Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing" - When Ryan is kidnapped, he's forced to betray Horatio and the team, on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, March 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS televisheni Network.

Horatio Caine............................. David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne....................... Emily Procter
Eric Delko............................. Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe............................... Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp................................ Rex Linn
Natalia boa Vista........................... Eva La Rue
Dr. Tara Price............... Megalyn Echikunwoke

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CSI: Miami
Monday at 10pm ET on CBS
It's the last new episode of "CSI: Miami" to be produced before the writers' strike began and Horatio has a domestic battle on his hands. His ex, who's also Kyle's mother (played kwa guest nyota Elizabeth Berkley), pops back into Horatio's life as the filthy rich widow of a billionaire. And with her newfound money, she's ready to do whatever it takes to get her son back. Let's hope Horatio can use his police resources to dig up some dirt on his ex and keep his son.