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This was on the CW boards and it cheered me up a bit after the horrific episode. I never realized just how many references Damon and Elena have gotten about this...

HOME is where the ♥ moyo is:
Damon/Elena are eachother’s nyumbani (where they belong)

So many HOME references regarding Damon/Elena, we all know how much effort TVD puts into music, it’s not just about the songs sounding great—there’s a deeper meaning behind them too (The cast and Chris Mollore have expressed that) All the reference’s ——»>

> Friday Night Bites {Damon caressing Elena’s cheek}
Song: Moby (Temptation)

Oh, up, down, turn around; please don’t let me hit the ground

Tonight I think I’ll walk alone;find my soul as I go home


> Miss Mystic Falls [1x19]

Confusion never stops.Closing walls and ticking clocks. Going to come back and take wewe home

Home, home where I wanted to go

> Founder’s siku {Damon and Elena grill scene}
Song: It is what it is kwa Lifehouse
(btw both Elena and Damon have alisema “It is what it is”)

“It is what it is
. I was only looking for a shortcut home*
But it’s complicated 
So complicated
 Somewhere in this city is a road I know
 Where we could make it 
But maybe there’s no making it now

 Too long we’ve been denying
 Now we’re both tired of trying
 We hit a ukuta and we can’t get over it
 Nothing to relive
 It’s water under the bridge
You alisema it, I get it
 I guess it is what it is 

I was only trying to bury the pain *
But I made wewe cry and I can’t stop the crying* 
Was only trying to save me
 But I Lost wewe again 

here it comes ready au not 
we both found out it’s not how we thought 
that it would be, how it would be
 if the time could turn us around
what once was Lost may be found
 for wewe and me, for wewe and me “

> The Return {Damon/Elena Bedroom scene}
Song: Come nyumbani (the song speaks for itself)

“Hello world
 Hope you’re listening
 Forgive me if I’m young 
For speaking out of turn
 There’s someone I’ve been missing
 I think that they could be
 The better half of me
 They’re in the wrong place trying to make it right
 But I’m tired of justifying
 So I say to you*

Come home ..come home
Cause I’ve been waiting for you
 So long for so long

 Well hopefully the hate subsides And the upendo can begin 
And I might start now
 au maybe I’m just dreaming out loud 

Until then
 Come home come home
 Cause I’ve been waiting for you
 So long for so long
 And right now there is a war between the vanities
 But all I see is wewe and me
 The fight for wewe is all I’ve ever known
 Ever known
 So come home “


> The Stefan/Elena Ferris wheel scene in Brave New World
Song: All this time

“I don’t know the city but it isn’t home.”


 By The Light Of The Moon {The ending scene with Damon/Rose and Elena/Stefan}
Song: Longest Night kwa Howie Day

“Is it dark, where wewe are? Can wewe count the stars where wewe are? Do wewe feel like you are a thousand miles from home? Are wewe lost, where wewe are? Can wewe find your way when you’re so far? Do wewe fear, where wewe are?
 A thousand nights alone”


> Kevin Williamson “because of his (Damon’s) feelings for Elena, thinking that, for the very first time in his life that he has a home”

> Note (couldn’t resist this**)*: In the books—-» “Elena felt unaccountably pleased and*homey* around Damon.”

YES. Damon/Elena are each others "home" this isn't a coincidence .
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