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Danai Gurira: 25 Things wewe Didn't Know About Me

ongeza maoni
Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Danai Gurira: 25 Things wewe Didn't Know About Me - Us Weekly
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
Danai Gurira: 25 Things You Didn\'t Know About Me
star Danai Gurira, 36, fills Us Weekly in on 25 things you may not have known.
2. Surprisingly, I don't watch horror movies since I don't enjoy being scared.
3. My favorite dish to make is my famous "Fourth of July" lamb and goat-cheese burgers.
5. I've been trying to give up added sugar. It's just so painful.
7. I love a good, traditional English breakfast. Grilled tomato and all.
8. My favorite stage role I've played is Isabella in
11. I really don't like BBQ, but Fox Bros. in Atlanta is ridiculously good.
12. My first pet was a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Ace. She loved to chase cars — and thus her demise.
13. I live off of Jillian Michaels' DVDs. She kicks my butt.
15. If I could have dinner with someone who's no longer with us, it would be Wangari Maathai or Nelson Mandela.
17. If I could have one special power, it would be the ability to fly.
18. New York will always be my city. I go to this hole-in-the-wall place called Cafe Himalaya for astounding Tibetan food.
. My dad's a chemistry professor and Walter White reminded me of him, minus the bad bits.
21. Tennis is the only sport I crave to watch. I love it.
, the new play I wrote, opens in January. It's inspired by my mom's family. I'm kind of scared about their reaction!
24. I'm an avid swimmer. I used to compete as a kid and hated to lose.
25. I have a very loud speaking voice. My friends in Zimbabwe call me "Megaphone."
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