David Lynch Original "Twin Peaks" script for sale

janissary12 posted on Jul 09, 2009 at 09:12PM
Hi, please don't consider this spam, more of a service, yeah, that's the ticket...anyway:

I have an actual production script from the "Twin Peaks" pilot episode. I worked on the production, which was shot in North Bend, WA, and had offices in Bellevue WA, as production secretary. Somehow I came away from the production with a script, which has been in storage for years.

For a hardcore TP fan, this is an interesting find. It has various script update pages in different colors inserted into the script, and actually has the ORIGINAL, provisional title of "Northwest Passage".

Anyway, I'm selling it on eBay. Search on:
"Twin Peaks" script
and you should find it.

I hope this is added to an enterprising fan's memoribilia collection.

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