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AgentCoop posted on Mar 28, 2010 at 03:08PM
As you know, this is not exactly an active Spot. However, as a devoted David Lynch fan I simply cannot accept the fact that this spot has no banner. David deserves so much more!

So to anyone who is still active on this spot I urge you to get involved. I'll be putting up a pick soon so you can vote on whether or not we need a banner. Hopefully it will get at least a few votes. After that we can move ahead. I don't know who made this spot or if they're still active but I've looked into it and if we go through proper channels we can get the banner changed even if the spot's creator is no longer around.

Once it's been determined that we want to change the banner, then comes the fun part: Making them! I've already made one, which you can find link. That's just one idea, and I'm toying with others. If anyone else wants to make one, please feel free. If all goes as it should, then once we have a few banners to choose from I'll put up a pick to decide which one will be the new banner.

I know this is a long shot, as this is a very low-traffic spot, but I'm calling on my fellow dedicated Lynch fans: Give David a Banner!

I've made a second banner link

And a third one link.

I'll link any new ones made by me or anyone else here, just to keep things orgainized.

Also, I have started a poll link, which will run for the next two weeks. Please take a moment to vote.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Costa said…
Jesus, that was more than a year ago, couldn't the banner be changed? Both looked so good...