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we recently heard that Christopher Wilde and Jessica Olson are going to be getting together out side of the movie. we also recently caught them having chajio, chakula cha jioni together. do wewe think they make a good couple. write us what wewe think!!!!!!!!!
we think that they were inspired kwa the movie. also they really really really liked each other. so after the movie was finished Christopher Wilde asked Jessica Olson out. can wewe believe it. but sadly nobody knows where they'll be eating au when.
so if wewe see them in California- Hollywood then please write to us about it we really would like to hear it. so once again leave all your maoni please and write to us what wewe think!!
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danielle campbell
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Can’t blame wewe for thinking
That wewe never really knew me at all
I tried to deny you
But nothing ever made me feel so wrong

I thought I was protecting you
From everything that I go through
But I know that we go Lost along the way

Here I am
With all my heart
I hope wewe understand

I know I let wewe down
But I’m never gonna make
That mistake again

You brought me closer
To who I really am
Come take my hand
I want the world to see
What wewe mean to me
What wewe mean to me

Just know that
I’m sorry
I never wanted to make wewe feel so small
Our story is just beginning
We’ll let the truth break down these walls...
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