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posted by MJ1one
Look I have something to say,and that it is we all need to go on strike!!!! Let it be known that "all of us" that upendo "(Michael Jackson)" so much,need to tell the world how we really feel,about how we upendo "(Michael Jackson)" and the "word" needs to get out!!!! One siku everyone woman and Man will let it out how the really feel,about this "world" and let them know that "(Michael Jackson)" is the best there will ever ever ever "BE"!!!! I know what I know that most people copy is his moves his looks,and everything about him!!!! I think that's why the world needs to know that there will only ever be one "(Michael Jackson)" I dealt only one "(Michael Jackson)" in this world,and that is "(Michael Jackson Himself!!!! Thank wewe all so very much for letting me have a moment of your guys time. I Ms. Natalie Lavis.
posted by Scotbobfan
Hi folks, I wasn't convinced kwa the concept to begin with but started watching without my kids, then got hooked myself.

I bought a "Bob" toy on ebay because I couldn't find a New supplier, (which came in a bald and bland cardboard box) and I have a couple troubling maswali that wewe guys may be able to help me with as afficionados:

1) what is the key slot (a bit like the Chevrolet sign) in the back for? I found a site in the Phillippines that suggested it was just a packing tool. If so why was it needed? Also why was it in what seems to be a removable unit? Was it something to do with sound chip?

2) there is a power supply plug in the left hand side. What's that for?
posted by Criscena10
Once there was a minion who fell in upendo with an evil spirit.
Ha ha .💚
If anyone runs into many vitabu please tell me


banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)

potato-na-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)

banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)

togari noh pocato-li kani malo mani kano chi ka-baba, ba-ba-nana

yoh plano boo la planonoh too ma bana-na la-ka moobi talamoo

ba-na-na ba-ba (ba-ba-ba-ba-banana) POH-TAAA-TOH-OH-OH (ba-ba-ba-ba-banana)

togari noh pocato li kani malo mani kano chi ka-ba-ba, ba-ba-nanaaaaah!