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posted by ZaJR
I just got tagged kwa Weneegee

1.You MUST post these rules

2.Each person MUST post 11 things about themselves in their journal.(I couldn't do that sorry ^^')

3.Answer the maswali the "tagger" set for wewe in their post,and create 11 new maswali for the people wewe tag to answer.

4.You HAVE to choose 11 people to tag AND post their ikoni on your journal.

5.GO to his/her page AND tell the person wewe tagged him/her.

6.NO tag backs.

7.NO stuff like "you are tagged if wewe read this".

8.You HAVE to ask 11 people.NO LESS THAN 11!

11 things about me

1.I am a huge Invader Zim fan....
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posted by lovingflame
need art for my book. want to see how many ideas are out there. nyota wars spin. American meets clone wars. 2 different stories. Pathbourne and Dooku's Turncoat. Main character is a green eyed red head female. still working on the stories. Pathbourne has a scene where the main character is in naval uniform watching as the world basically fries as the so called president/dictator has fired nucs on the U.S. as the patriots breach the walled white house on screen in an nuclear powered sub. As it dives down far enough to have reactor problems so that any recovery would be non-existent. au the gathering...
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posted by AyanoNova
Here's my DA account! link

You'll have to go to SCRAPS if wewe want to see all my art! Sorry, I went through a depressive time, So I put them all there so no one has too see it, but I'm too lazy to put them all back. ^^`

I mostly draw my OC's, But I'm starting to open to shabiki arts and such!

What I like? Alot of video games, like Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, NiGHTS into Dreams, Castlevania, Sonic and Mario to name a few! I also upendo anime and manga, again... My favourites are Berserk, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha to name a few.

I'm very shy when it comes to my OC's, So there's nothing really there yet, If wewe would like too know! Shoot me a DM and I'll give wewe my Discord, not before I get too know ya though!
posted by pnutbuta50
Hey! Can y'all check out my profaili on dA please? I have a lot of great stories and art in my gallery! And maoni your profaili name so I can check out your profaili too! Check it out! link

Here is my dA Bio! :)

Hey Fellow Deviants!

The names Payton-Brooke, but wewe can call me PB.I am 4'8" and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a single 20 mwaka old female from Mobile, Alabama, USA. I am a junior in college working on a degree in Theatre and Sign Language. I upendo to do sports such as golf and hobbies such as singing, drumming, acting, and art.

I had an old account on here that I started in 2008,...
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