Dexter's Laboratory Why I Chose Dee Dee As My Signature Friend Instead Of Dexter...

yahooboy2 posted on Jul 29, 2011 at 12:44AM
i really didn't like dexter because if he torments dee dee one day, i am going to send out my froslass, and use her to use destiny bond when dexter abuses her, he'll get knocked out.. i just don't want to offend the fans because i really trust dee dee to become my girlfriend...
dee dee is dexter's brother, but i still can love her, ok? i used dexter's action replay machine on dee dee to never divorce me forever.
my other signature friends are mee mee and lee lee. i only like season 2 and season 4 of dexter's lab.
nothing offensive, just depressed if dexter tortures dee dee.
i've adopted her yesterday for 500 rings.

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