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Here is chapter one of my new fawn FanFiction:

Fawn checked the chipmunk's pulse. He was breathing, but he had a big gash on his shoulder.
Fawn took out bandages from her first aid kit and wrapped them around his shoulder, as well as his side.
"I'll never get him back to Pixie Hollow!" fawn said.
The chipmunk let out a low groan.
"There, there." Answered Fawn.
"You'll be fine."
She could feel his pain. She knew she had to save him.
Lukily, fawn had her walkie-talkie with her.
She signaled Beck, another animal-talent.
"Beck! Beck! Come quick. Bring three other animal-talents with you. Listen...
continue reading...
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Frustrated Tink can't get the right shade of red...except on her face!
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fawn walked through the forest on a breezy Autmn day. fawn was an animal fairy, which meant she can comunnicate and nurse animals.
Today she was taking a walk through the forest to find a animal to play with.
fawn liked being around wanyama zaidi than fairies.
Suddennly, she heard a crash behind her.
Fawn, startled, turned around - all she saw was a few feathers and an injured chipmunk.
"Oh, no!" fawn thought. The chipmunk had been attacked by...by.. fawn didn't want to think about it.
The chipmunk had been injured kwa a hawk!
The hawk, up high in the sky, had spotted the chipmunk and decided he'd have him for lunch.
But just as he attacked, he saw bigger prey.
fawn hurried over to the near-death chipmunk.
That was the prolouge. i'll post zaidi soon.
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