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 Here are some of the DP couples.
Here are some of the DP couples.
Okay. Finally time to write this thing now I've decided on a definite order. Disney Princess Couples... The very backbone of the Disney Princess franchise, bar Mulan. Of course, this orodha won't be biased in any way and I won't be basing how low I place a couple on how much I hate the characters in them(!) Hmm, yeah right. Because after all, how are wewe supposed to enjoy a couple if the characters make wewe want to puke? I don't care if they have chemistry au a beautiful duet... It just ain't fucking happening.

You should know kwa now that this is going to be one big piss take full of swearing...
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 Giselle& Robert
Giselle& Robert
Ok I am bored so here is a orodha of Disney princess couples that I love. Enjoy and rate.

#1 Ariel & Eric

What I like about this couple is that they are different and they really like each other. Eric wants to find a girl but doesn’t know where to find her and Ariel is dreaming of true upendo and falls in upendo with Eric who is the sailor. My favourite moment would probably be the one where she sings to Eric the reprise of Part of your world. It was so sweet when she says the line
“ smiling at me,
where do we walk ,
where do we run ,if we could stay all siku in the sun”.

#2 Belle & the Beast...
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