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posted by courtney7488
DreamyGal was voted FOTM for May 2010. She was interviewed kwa dweeb.


Congratulations to May's shabiki of the month, the lovely DreamyGal! Well, I'm assuming she's lovely, I've never actually seen her and for all I know she could look like Quasimodo and Drizella Tremaine's upendo child...anyway, let's get the inside scoop on this month's winner, shall we?

What do wewe upendo most about the princesses?
DreamyGal: They make me feel like a little girl again. I was obssessed with them as a kid! I used to dress up and pretend I was one of them (mainly cinderella au Belle)...so when I see them it takes me back to that place.
Which princess quality do wewe wish wewe personally could have?
DG:Well, I tend to avoid confrontation in every siku life (kind of like Cinderella), so I wish I were zaidi bold and not afraid to truly speak my mind.
Who's your favourite princess and why?
DG:My inayopendelewa is Cinderella! That was the first movie ever purchased for me. The video wasn't for sale at the time, so my Mom would rent it from the local video store. I quickly became obssessed with it, and she pretty much had to rent it like 5 times a week. Finally, the owner sold the movie to my Mom, since she was the only one who ever rented it. On my 4th birthday that was the first present I unwrapped. I screamed and almost cried b/c I was so happy. cinderella has just always held a very special place in my heart, and she always will!
What is the contribution to this site that you're most proud of?
DG: The funny and interesting picks I sometimes come up with.

Complete the sentence:

If I could steal one physical feature from a Disney princess, I would want Aurora's hair.

My favourite leading man from a princess movie is the Beast because I upendo how he starts off as mean and kind of scary, but after meeting Belle that hard exterior begins to melt away. I upendo how he lets her go when she finds out her Father is sick, and when asked why he let her go, his reply was "Because I upendo her".

My juu three songs from princess films are "A Dream is a Wish Your moyo Makes", "Just Around the Riverbend", and "Once Upon A Dream".

If I could change one thing about a princess, I'd change Aurora because I don't like that she's not in the movie for very long. I also wish they would have aliyopewa her a little bit zaidi of a personality.

This au That
Sebastian au Lumiere: Sebastian...I think he's funnier!
Princess kwa Marriage au Princess kwa Birth: Marriage
Snow White au Tiana: Snow White...she's classic!
Gaston au Jafar: I like the way Gaston looks, but I think Jafar is WAY funnier!
pink au Blue: Pink
Mice au Birds: Birds
Dwarfs au Three Good Fairies: Dwarfs

Thanks for your time DreamyGal. And for those of wewe interested in being nominated/voted shabiki of the month, make sure wewe contribute good quality picks, chemsha bongo questions, makala etc to the site. QUALITY over QUANTITY. No one cares if wewe write a bunch of bila mpangilio bullshit on the site every two seconds.
♥ dweeb