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10. Rapunzel: I just don't think she is pretty. It's mostly the uhuishaji that gets me. Her eyes are huge and she's way too skinny. I don't like her hair either. It's way too long. And when she cuts her hair short she looks worse. Maybe if they made her animated like the rest of the princesses she would be higher up the list!

9. Snow White: I don't exactly find her ugly but I wouldn't consider her pretty either. Her eyes are beautiful though. She would be a lot higher on this orodha if she had longer hair. Her face just looks chubby and her hair is so boring. She's also way too pale.

8. Tiana: I find her pretty. Her eyes are really beautiful and her hair is so cute when it's up in a bun and it looks nice. Her red lips are also really nice.

7. Pocahontas: Pocahontas is just so beautiful. Her hair, her eyes, her smile. Everything about her is gorgeous. Her body is also very nice. She looks so different compared to the other princesses and that's what I upendo about her!

6. Cinderella: cinderella is beautiful. Her light blue eyes and long eyelashes are so pretty and when her hair is down she looks so beautiful. Though her hair looks kind of weird when it's up she is still very attractive.

5. Aurora: I just upendo her thick long hair. How it bounces and flows. It's so beautiful. Her eyes are also so beautiful. Her eye color is a pretty velvet-blue. Aurora is absolutely gorgeous. Though her voice doesn't really suit her well.

4. Mulan: It annoys me so much when Mulan is low on other peoples lists. I mean just because she went to war dressed as a male soldier doesn't mean she can't be pretty like the other princesses. I mean her eyes are so beautiful and her long black hair is so cute. She is unique looking and I adore that.

3. Jasmine: I bet you're surprised she didn't get number 1? Anyway, jimmy, hunitumia is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes, like Rapunzel, are huge but it fits her so well. Her eyes are very pretty. She might be a little too skinny but she still looks great. Her hair is so thick and she is so exotic looking. I also upendo when her hair is up in a ponytail.

2. Ariel: Many people don't like Ariel because her red hair. I think her red hair is so gorgeous. Her eyes are also so pretty along with her long eyelashes. Ariel is so gorgeous and unique. Her smile is also so beautiful. In some scenes she looks so stunning.

1. Belle: Where do I start first? Her eyes are just lovely, her eyelashes are long and thick, her hair is thick, brown, and long, her lips are a beautiful pink, and her hazel eyes are gorgeous. She is the prettiest of them all. Even her dress is the best out of all the princesses. Belle is definitely my inayopendelewa princess and the prettiest one at that.
Since I'm from Sweden and I think many songs from here are great I decided to share some of them and explain why they suit each princess the best, don't worry though, all of them are in English, also I tried to pick lesser known songs from here

Snow White - link: Rasmus Viberg

There aren't many songs from Sweden I've been listening to that suits Snow White, but this one really do, first of all she really is a social butterfly, kipepeo (not entirely sure what that is though) and the refrain also suits her perfectly

Cinderella - link: Alcazar

There are a couple of songs from Sweden that suits...
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Just a little video I made for fun :)
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
princess ariel
pruefever princess jimmy, hunitumia
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11. Merida
Merida. Not the most maarufu girl ever. She' s not all that brave. Also she whiny and complains. Your mom cares about wewe so much and she has done a lot for wewe so, BE THANKFUL! I really hate how she tries to be all independent and carefree but it just feels forced. I think she is just not good at all. Blegh I hate Merida.

10. Rapunzel
The too perfect princess. She is smart, brave creative, independent, and SO ANNOYING!!! Ok I start to like her when she' sin the tower because she's funny and flawed. Then once she meets the thugs I hate her. I do upendo that she likes to paint. A disney...
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I upendo the movie, it was Amazing, Musical, Funny so well animated the graphics where so well detail, their expressions, like if wewe where watching real people,mind blowing.
When it comes to the story, i just didn't like the fact that their parents die, same thing with The Princess And The Frog when Tiana's father die.
I felt so sad for Anna and Elsa but mostly Anna, her parents had die and she didn't had no one to talk to in that moment, she had no clue why Elsa was keeping her distance from her. With her parents gone and her only family left rejecting her, she must had felt destroyed.
I Love...
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Though the Disney Princesses are Amazing and wonderful every one has there flaws and there are some major ones with out trying to be to Negative, these are the flaws with some of your inayopendelewa princesses, this is a long and pointless rant, just warning you

SnowWhite: The Classic and First ever DIsney Princess, made in 1937 mimicking silver screen stars like Claudette Colbert and Marlene Dietrich, Not only the fairest of them all but also the Kindest, but is Snow a bit to Kind? Many Critics have mduara, duara around the fact the SnowWhite is just to friendly with strangers, for example: after she is...
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This is my opinion wewe may agree au disagree all wewe want. I’m not going to try to make the film modern kwa saying have the princess save herself au take out the prince. But in the way that the film was made, what I think could have made it better. This makala will have spoilers.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

1: zaidi Screen time with the prince.
I feel like this is one of the main thinks that makes the film lacking something and that’s the prince, I feel like it would be ten times zaidi amazing if he had a least a little zaidi screen time.

2: Snow’s Father.
I think what’s really important...
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This is an makala I should've written when I first joined fanpop, but I usually have a hard time figuring out my inayopendelewa princesses like a lot of wewe guys. Anyway, here we go.

13) Pocahontas
I upendo her movie and her relationship with John Smith, but it seems to me that she isn't as outgoing as the other princesses. I upendo how she is adventurous and free-spirited, but other than that I'm not really one of her biggest fans.

12) Aurora
I haven't watched Sleeping Beauty in forever, but I find Aurora to be beautiful and elegant. After I watch Sleeping Beauty again, she might songesha higher on my list....
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this is my cousion anna 616 drawings
and see the club my art my creation
regards amna khan
and dont forget to write good maoni espacially bellarose and other like anna and many many more
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