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Everyone was speechless. The guests stared at the open door, the one Elsa had fled through and the blizzard that was already raging out there.

"But.... but it's summer..." One dignitary mumbled.

Anna started to feel really cold. Either Elsa's curse was actually coming true, au it's just the wind from the blizzard. But if the curse does come true, Anna needs to reverse it. She ran over to the broken pieces of the crown and gathered them in her skirt. She counted the pieces. Eight. The crown was in 8 pieces.

Anna knew there was only one solution. She had to travel to the magical trolls that she had heard in only ancient Norwegian legends. According to the stories, the trolls dwelled deep in the mountains, and no one had ever met them and returned. Many people have tried to find them, but never returned from the journey. The trolls themselves are not dangerous, but the journey to and fro is. But the trolls could fix anything. From sickness to broken things, the trolls can fix it all. Which is why Anna needs to find them.

She hurried out of the hall to her room, so she can change into warmer clothes and find a bag to put the pieces of the crown in. After she was done, she ran out of her room with her bag slung over her shoulder. She needed to get started on the journey fast, she only had 3 days. As she rounded a corner in the hall, she bumped into someone and fell to the ground.

"Hey! Watch-" she said, but then stopped when she saw who it was.

"I'm so sorry, let me help you!" he held out his hand.

Anna smiled "Hans," she said.

"I'm sorry, milady. I should have been looking where I was going."

"No, no, it's okay. I wasn't looking where I was going. But I was in a hurry, and I still am. Excuse me," Anna tried to walk around Hans, but he stopped her.

"Where are wewe going? Can I help?"

Anna smiled and put a mittened hand on Hans' arm. Hans had came to the ngome two years zamani as a new captain of the guards. He was really good on his job, although that in itself was a miracle considering how much time he spends with the princess chatting and laughing. Anna would say they were in love, but she wasn't quite sure. One thing she did know was that Hans had made her a lot less lonely.

"It's okay, Hans! I can do this. I'll be back in 3 days."

"Are wewe sure you'll be alright? You're going to fix the crown, aren't you?" Hans asked.

"Yeah, au else I would die, wewe know." Anna gave him a smile and waved goodbye. "Bye!" she turned and ran out of the hall and out of the castle.


Elsa continued up the mountain. She had run from Arendelle and found a nice, distant and isolated mountain to seek shelter in. She wasn't afraid anymore, not confused anymore. She knew what she was doing for the first time, and that was that she's never going back to that crap of a life, locked in her room. Out here, she was free! She could do whatever she wants! Elsa waved her hand and a flurry of snowflakes burst from her hand. Elsa laughed and continued to play with her snow. To be honest, she didn't really care that she wasn't going to be Queen after all. She was just mad and upset before, and cursed her sister. Elsa felt a little bad for cursing Anna, but Elsa figured she deserved it for all those years of pestering her.

 Elsa waved her hand and a flurry of snowflakes burst from her hand.
Elsa waved her hand and a flurry of snowflakes burst from her hand.

Elsa felt the kanzu, gown and hairstyle she has right now didn't feel right. So she created a new shimmering kanzu, gown of ice and fixed her hair and a long braid down her shoulder. Much better. She needed shelter up here in the mountains, so she built an ice ngome out of her powers. She sung as she did so, she loved singing. She made the song up as she went, but was still pretty proud of it.

When she was done building the castle, she slammed the door and walked up the stairs she had put in the middle of her castle. She wasn't sure what to do, she was done everything she could think of.

Suddenly, a large shadow loomed beside her. Elsa gasped and took a few steps back. Where had she seen it before?

The shadow came closer, and Elsa's eyes widened. No, it can't be.... she thought. But when it spoke, she knew it was the same stranger who had aliyopewa her her powers.

"Elsa," it began.

"You!" Elsa walked towards it until she was almost right in front of it "Why did wewe give me the powers? I never asked for them!"

"But wewe seem to be having fun with it," it said.

"I would be having zaidi fun if I didn't have it!"

"That's not the point," the shadow replied "we gave wewe the powers for a reason."

"Who is 'we'?" Elsa asked.

The stranger continued as if it hadn't heard her question. "You were chosen, because we knew wewe would be able to carry out the purpose well."

"What are wewe talking about?" Elsa took a step backward. This shadow is not reliable.

"We had a reason to give wewe the powers, out of all the people we could have chosen. We didn't tell wewe the reason, of course, we wanted to see if wewe could figure it out on your own. But wewe couldn't, which is why I have come to wewe right now." the shadow advanced towards Elsa.

"Okay, what are wewe trying to tell me?" Elsa wanted to back up, but she couldn't songesha for some reason.

"The purpose of your powers."

Author's note: Sorry for the lack of pictures in this article, I was in a rush
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OK, last night, I had a dream related to the scene where Rapunzel says she will go with Gothel if she lets her heal him. Based on that, I felt I had to write this article.

Last time I wrote an makala related to Gothel it was to explain as to why I didn't think she was necessarily a villain. This will be another makala in a series of what I like to call my "Mother Gothel Anti-Roast" articles.

In this one, I will try to explain why I believe that despite what most people may think, Mother Gothel is indeed capable of feeling love.

Now, I will agree that some of the things Gothel did to Rapunzel...
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posted by babybot
Here is a fan's drawings of princesses in their male counterparts clothes. What do wewe think?

To all of wewe who are leaving, thinking of leaving, aren't happy, au generally are discontent: here are a few reasons that I, personally, upendo Fanpop, and wewe should too. :)

4) We clearly have a common bond. We upendo Disney. We're obsessed with Disney. Here, it is not a nerdy hobby, but a lifelong upendo that we enjoy together. :)

3) There are lots of opportunities to get to know people. I like how people post things about their personal lives and in our own, remote little way, we sort of know each other. Odds are, we've never seen each other's faces au will ever meet in real life, but so what?...
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A/N#1: So I watched "Pocahontas" today and I had forgotten how great of a movie it was, it's now my sekunde favorite
disney movie. I have not watched the second...personally...I probably never will...soooo I'm just uandishi this on what
knowledge I have of the tale and if something is incorrect...or if there was a character death I'm not aware of...then they
are alive in my story...so yeah. This is just a chapter...I want to know how this will be received, but dont worry...in this
story our inayopendelewa "Pocahontas" couple will be together. Okay! Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

My raven black hair whipped in the salty...
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 If something's not right, wewe gotta put it right.
If something's not right, you gotta put it right.
Previous part: link

They watched from a salama distance as they saw the mermaid swim up to the beach, pwani carrying Eric. She placed him on the sand and muziki started to play softly. Meg raised an eyebrow as Ariel began to sing.
“Puhlease,” she whispered. “Can’t we just sabotage this bit?”
“Think of how to do it and you’re welcome,” Esmeralda replied.
Meg looked around her for something to jog her mind when she saw a man walking along the beach, pwani towards them.
“Who the hell is that?” she asked, pointing.
“Grimsby,” Jane nodded. “He discovers Eric and takes him up to the palace.”...
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Note: I am not obsessed with Selena Gomez.
Other note: I know I missed some stuff and that this is an extremely shortened version. I performed this with some friends, and we didn't have enough people to do all seven dwarfs. So all there is is Grumpy.

Scene 1- The Queen consults her magic mirror.
Queen-Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?
Mirror-That's easy! Selena Gomez!
Mirror- Then...hmm...Taylor Swift.
Queen- Why??
Mirror-According to the August issue of J-14 magazine, Selena Gomez was found the prettiest in a vote of 342 people.
Queen-Well, Selena Gomez...
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