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posted by Alanaprincess
okay i gotta say that merida wasn't my favourite straight when i saw the movie
but now i adore her spunky tom-boy personality

besides she is the only princess from PIXAR....seriously if wewe don't know what i mean

what i mean is Pixar sinema are the literal defenition of AWESOME
(this is just my personal opinion and experience)

so let's not get carried away and count down a few reasons why merida is TOTTALY AWESOME

yes merida is the heroine of her own story ......also the thing that i've noticed lately while watchin' the movie is that the plot wouldn't be completed without merida talking in every point (which is pretty awesome kwa the way)

yeah yeah.....we hear that ALOT with some other princesses.....but let me ask wewe something...have wewe ever seen a princess in Disney history with fluffy red locks that are just ALLover the place ....or have wewe ever seen a princess with such a messy hillarious atitude

wewe propaply expected me to mention that one ...yup she doesn't have pocahontas hair
the hair is what makes merida....well merida
moana's hair is also not ariel perfect but her hair kinda drys right away after being wet

the thing that i ADORE about BRAVE is the focus on mother-daughter relationship.....me as a person i have a huge connection to my mom she
is zaidi than my mom she is my BFF,personal assistant,personal shopper,advisor(and i propaply forgot to mention zaidi than 800000000000 other things)

It is a very good quality....she is physicaly strong
and emotional strong too

yeah i have a younger brother too (hopefuly wewe know what i mean)

well there ya'll go she is not even my favourite at all but we gotta take time to appriciate every princess every once in a while

that all for now inayofuata time i'll be talkin' about moana
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
I wanted an makala to do, and I decided to go with eyes. Anna and Elsa WILL be included. Anyways, I'm going to wrap, upangaji pamoja up the juu section early today. Please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Snow White

I feel sorry for putting Snow White at the bottom, I really do, she doesn't get enough attention, and she's starting to go up on my vipendwa list, so I want her to be higher, but.. I just don't like her eyes. I don't think they look awful, but I don't think her eyes are anything special, I don't...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Ok, so I'm going to orodha my juu 10 inayopendelewa Disney Princess dresses. Since there's 10 spots, one Princess may be in the orodha multiple times and another may not be on it at all. Before my number one I will orodha honorable mentions that ALMOST made it onto my list. Time to start the list! Keep in mind that this is my opinion, and wewe might not agree. Enjoy the article!

10. Belle's dhahabu dress

Maybe it's a tad overrated, but I think it deserves a lot of the attention it gets. It's absolutely gorgeous! Just look at it! And this is coming from someone who hates that color, and even I have to admit...
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So, I'm going to be ranking about how I feel the uhuishaji is in the Disney Princess movies, I'll be ranking them worst to best, but I will be SEPERATING the computer animated films from the hand drawn ones. I'm going to start with the computer animated ones first because there's less of them and the real countdown is the hand-drawn ones.

Anyways, as I usually say, this is my opinion, so please respect it and I'll respect yours, because it's likely that we'll disagree.

Enjoy the article! :)

So let's start it off:

The Films That Are Computer Animated

3. Brave

I upendo the uhuishaji in this movie,...
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 The Official Lineup (as of Jul. 2014) + Anna & Elsa
The Official Lineup (as of Jul. 2014) + Anna & Elsa
Hi there, and welcome to my 5th article! Last December, I wrote my link on my inayopendelewa Disney Princesses, but I didn't include Anna au Elsa yet because I wanted to wait for them to jiunge the lineup officially. Well, they're still not in the franchise quite yet, but seeing as how plenty of us (including myself) have them in kura za maoni and makala and whatnot, I'll include them anyway. :D My placements will fluctuate, I'm sure, but here's how my orodha stands as of July 2014.

(¯¨*·.¸_¸.·» ApplesauceDoctr's inayopendelewa Disney Princesses

13. Aurora (Previous Placement: 11th out of 11)
Aurora used to...
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Bonjour! I decided to create an makala that showed my opinion on the Disney Princesses' names. Names are things that I find interest in, and I haven't seen many makala likes these, so I thought I would have a go. I'm also adding the French version if there is one, just because I felt like it and I upendo French. The pictures are there for no real reason, just as a visual break from all of the writing. Feel free to disagree with my opinions of course.

 Cinderella's actual name is never mentioned in the film
Cinderella's actual name is never mentioned in the film

13. cinderella

I don't think this name sounds very nice (except the French version:...
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