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 cinderella wasn't "passive", she was abused
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dimitri_ and I decided to do a collab makala together and I think we had a lot of fun doing it! Picture credit goes to dimitri_ and I wrote the article. I apologize if I ramble a bit zaidi than dimitri_ does, she has zaidi self control than I do lol. Let's get started with the lists :)

dimitri_: Pocahontas & John Smith
I think they are wrong for each other since Pocahontas is hard to match with and that they ''love'' each other way too much, it still feels rushed to me. John changed his entire point of view that he was raised with when Pocahontas sang "Colors of the Wind." It's just...
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 I need 6 eggs!
I need 6 eggs!
Welcome! Really this makala should have been up months ago, but I've been a little busy so I'm sorry for that. Better late than never I suppose! In April-May 2013 I did a reverse countdown where people voted for their favourite characters from 'Beauty and the Beast' and here are the results! I'll also include some maoni from users since this countdown wouldn't have been possible if people didn't vote. Thank wewe to all who participated!

(I didn't include the Baker so I hope he doesn't try to kill me in my sleep with a baguette au something)

18. Monsieur D'Arque
 "Oh that is despicable... I upendo it!"
"Oh that is despicable......
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 Only prince as a father...let's see how the others would do.
Only prince as a father...let's see how the others would do.
A dad is someone who wants to catch wewe before wewe fall but instead picks wewe up, brushes wewe off, and lets wewe try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep wewe from making mistakes but instead lets wewe find your own way, even though his moyo breaks in silence when wewe get hurt. A dad is someone who holds wewe when wewe cry, scolds wewe when wewe break the rules, shines with pride when wewe succeed, and has faith in wewe even when wewe fail...- Unknown
Sorry I was looking for some stuff for fathers’ siku I found this perfect for this makala lets’ get started then.

9: Naveen
I knew Naveen...
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 The Short Song
The Short Song
10. Someday My Prince Will Come

I upendo this song I really do!!!....but....just like everyone it sounds too high pitched and when I first heard it I thought she was unhappy, because it seemed as if she was avoiding her tears while singing. Snow White's voice is adorable really but too high pitched and it doesn't suit her at all except for the lyrics and gender, unlike Justin Bieber.
 See the difference?
See the difference?

However I don't see what's so annoying about her voice anymore.

However it's a nice song. Since Snow White always wanted a prince, tada! Here's a song about it!!! Also I felt it was a little...
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Now I know this is an exclusively Disney Princess page but I felt like before I start my makala on the sinema themselves that an introduction was in order and what better way to do that then do an makala on the man who started it all, enjoy!

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney in Kansas. He had three older brothers (but one died before he was born) and a younger sister. He was closest to his brother Roy Oliver Disney who worked with Walt on their father’s farm. Walt eventually dropped out of high school and joined the Red kuvuka, msalaba where he drove an ambulance...
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Oh yes, villain songs – though they are a fairly new Disney tradition, they tend to be one of the high points of every Disney movie. But I didn’t want to ignore the older ones, so I decided to include “villain themes” too. The only one I didn’t orodha is “Cinderella” – there is some sort of muziki playing when Lady Tremaine locks her into the tower, but I wouldn’t call it her theme. Her menacing presence works zaidi over the visuals, over the play with light and shadow, than over the sound. That’s not a bad thing, but let’s have a look how the right muziki can enhance a villain....
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Hi there! I did a Countdown about charlotte laBouff's Outfits! Here are the results! Pictures are at the bottom.

6. Childhood Dress
Nobody ametoa maoni on this dress, but I presume that it was eliminated because people did not like the style and thought it was ugly and unflattering. I am not a big shabiki of it.

5. Wedding Dress

"Noooo I upendo her wedding dress!" ~Sumerjoy11
"I prefer the traditional white wedding dress." ~Mongoose09

This dress was probably eliminated because of the shape of the skirt, upindo and the sleeves, the two reasons I dislike it.

4. Mardi Gras Party Dress

"Too poufy and weird. I like...
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Why do we always write our makala together? Because we usually have the same opinions. And there is especially no exception to this one; we agree on almost EVERYTHING. So it was a really long, hard (haha, I alisema "long" and "hard" again) process, honestly this was the hardest orodha we've each personally have ever had to put together. BTW, this is not the merging/averages of our lists. This is where we would each individually rank them. Great minds think alike, so that means we're all smarter than you. Don't worry about it, you'll never be smarter, it's okay, wewe can't expect greatness out of...
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I want to be known as the DP leader
Take away personalities
And if I don't get the things I am after...
I'm going to SCREAM!
I want this spot, I want this whole spot!
No opinions, pick killing, no princesslullaby ruling
And NOW!
I don't care how, I want it now!
Don't care how, I want it NOW!


Oompah loompah doompa dee doo
I've got a fanpop puzzle for you
Oompah loompah doompah da dee
If wewe are wise you'll listen to me
Who do ya' blame when you've turned into a Nazi?
When all your cyber Marafiki are in a terrible posse
Blaming the mashabiki is a lie and a shame
wewe know exactly who's to blame!
Oompah loompah doompa dee dah
If you're not a troll then wewe will go far
wewe will live in happiness, too
Like the DP mashabiki who aren't STU...................................pid
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My name is Basìlìa, I'm white, I have blond hair and I'm very skinny, as in I'm very undersized. I don't want to get deep into things but I'm a lonely kid, I'm bulled, I have dyslexia and I can't do any physical activity. I have diabetes, and no friends.

On the happier side my inayopendelewa princess is Belle because she was the only one who could cheer me up every weekend I went to the hospital.

I'm thirteen, I also like jimmy, hunitumia andSnowWhite. And my inayopendelewa movie is Cloud9 because it taught me that I can do anything if I really try, and I always thought I couldn't do anything, but I can play the kinanda really good, my mom is very inspiring because she could do the impossible
Sorry if some of my uandishi was choppy, when I type my hand shake, they always do that.
I hope wewe guys will like me.
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Even though I wrote this orodha 3 months zamani it has changed a lot since then so I decided to write an updated orodha for you, hope you'll like it

11. Merida (previously 10)

I think she's pretty despite this placement, she has beautiful blue eyes and her hair has such a lovely color, but her face shape bugs me, also while she has a gorgeous haircolor the style of the hair is too curly for my taste. But she does have a cute smile, but it's a weird smile. It's also very hard for me to find good shots of her, the one above is the only shot where I think she's leaning towards beautiful, but I wouldn't...
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