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Okay this took quite a while. I got Lost in different chinese zodiac -meanings websites some time zamani and I started worder what characters princesses would be. I personally don't believe horoscopes.
This goes quite backwards as we don't know which mwaka princesses are born. Anyway these are the results. There was no dragon au pig so put their descriptions at the end in case someone's interest.

 The panya is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the mwaka of the panya are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's alisema that finding a poor panya is rare, since they are good in business.
The panya is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the mwaka of the panya are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's alisema that finding a poor panya is rare, since they are...
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It is Mothers siku so I did a countdown kura ya maoni for the best DP Mother. I am a little tired but want to finish this tonight so I am not going to get as detailed as I wanted. Let us get started with the worst Mother.

#13 Queen Grimmhilde

Snow Whites Step mother was a horrible woman who most likely killed her husband, was standoffish and uppity to her step-daughter, and eventually went from ignoring the child to wanting her dead when the girl became too "pretty".

"Definitely! At least Tremaine and Gothel has no plans to kill their stepdaughters. Plus she treated Snow White as a rat, dress her like...
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posted by alexon31
 "Love her dress. Hate her" -A cinderella Story
"Love her dress. Hate her" -A Cinderella Story
I´ve already written an makala for my favoirte DP Wardrobes, wewe can read it here if wewe want to: link :D, so now I decided to write an makala for my inayopendelewa outfits. I have to say this one was zaidi difficult because I couldn´t decide between so many outfits (no sequels included).

I also couldn´t decide whether au not to include Ariel as a mermaid. wewe see, since I am judging outfits and technically her tail is part of her I couldn´t really count that as an outfit, and a pair of purple seashells is not much of an outfit either so as much as I upendo how she looks I decided not to include...
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For now I'm sticking to the usual "who came first" order, but I might mix them up later on.

Character: Top! As my inayopendelewa childhood princess, she will always be something special.

Role Model: juu – no middle – no juu – no middle. The thing is, I like her in the top, because she is friendly, acts responsible and is an all around positive character. But it does become rather crowded in the top, and there are three princesses I would rank above her.
Beauty: juu – it’s easy to make ikoni with her, because she looks good from zaidi au less every angle. From the blue eyed princesses,...
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Years ago, I did an makala about some fan-made grandchildren of Triton, excluding Melody, of course. However, I was going off the ng'ombe crap logic and "continuity" of the terrible prequel, The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning. Instead, I'm going to be basing this off the personalities I've aliyopewa the daughters of Triton in another makala I did, which includes the age order of Aquata being the oldest daughter of Triton. I take into account the TV series, like I did with Arista's personality and Adella's design, because it is a faithful and worthy prequel to The Little Mermaid. The way this...
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posted by princesslullaby
First let me apologize for the pictures. My life is jam, jamu packed right now and I wanted to get this makala published seeing as that we are already past jimmy, hunitumia month. So I used tiffany88's moodboards instead.

Well, it's that time again, now that jimmy, hunitumia mwezi has ended to give wewe my orodha of who I think Jasmine's inayopendelewa princesses would be. Sorry that it's a little late. As always, I don't profess to be an expert on this. Also, I eventually just ended up posting this because I couldn't really come to a conclusion.

10. Cinderella

Yeah...I think we all saw this one coming. Though it's predictable,...
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So this had been hilariously enjoyable and challenging for me! Doing a silly makala can be totally fun, but be sure to respect my opinion, okay? Admit it au not, we all have some guilty pleasures. What if Disney princesses lived in the MODERN siku world and had some guilty pleasure? It would be hella awesome to know about it! P.S. = Those memes are JUST FOR FUN

Snow White – Sneaking into chakula and being a comfort lover

Yup! Ah, taking a tid bit out of refrigerator is something pretty naughty and silly and mischievous! I think Snow would hate being on a diet, just a wild guess lol! She...
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Here is the orodha of fanpop's inayopendelewa princesses. I decided to omit the orodha of usernames and where the princesses are ranked, because I find it to be indulgent and cluttered. I will instead link the kura ya maoni where I asked everyone's inayopendelewa princess: link

Disclaimer: If wewe see me quote myself, it's because I didn't have a sufficient quote on either the positive au negative side for that particular princess. Also, I simply picked nukuu I thought were the best at summarizing the pros/cons of each princess, so some people may onyesha up twice. I did try to diversify the user quotes, though.

11. Merida...
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