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Disney Princess What do wewe relate to most?

22 fans picked:
Wanting to feel understood
Wanting to see the world
Wanting to fit into a different world/crowd
Wanting to bring honor to your family
Wanting to open your own restaurant
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 pixiewings posted miezi 8 iliyopita
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SilentForce picked Wanting to feel understood:
posted miezi 8 iliyopita.
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sunnyfields picked Wanting to feel understood:
This one :)
posted miezi 8 iliyopita.
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AudreyFreak picked Wanting to see the world:
Hard same. I don't really care what people I'm not close to think like a lot of the DP's issues tend to revolve around. But I definitely would like an adventure or to just get out more.
posted miezi 8 iliyopita.
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disnerdtobe picked Wanting to feel understood:
posted miezi 8 iliyopita.