Disney Princess Of my favourites, which do wewe agree with most?

Pick one:
Favourite princess: Mulan
Favourite film: The Princess and The Frog
Prettiest princess: Pocahontas
Best hair: Ariel
Smartest princess: Mulan
Most heroic: Mulan
Film with best songs: Mulan
Favourite score: Mulan
Favourite villain: Dr Facilier
Favourite female sidekick: charlotte La Bouff
Favourite prince: Naveen
Favourite imba voice: Pocahontas
Favourite speaking voice: Tiana
Prettiest eyes: cinderella
Prettiest dress: Tiana's green lilypad dress
Favourite couple: Tianaveen
Favourite sidekick: Mushu
Funniest character: charlotte La Bouff
Hottest prince: Naveen
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