Disney Princess I'm giving in to peer pressure xD: Of my favorites, which do wewe agree with most?

Pick one:
inayopendelewa Princess: Belle
inayopendelewa Prince: Phillip
inayopendelewa Couple: Belleast
Prettiest Princess: Pocahontas
Smartest Princess: Mulan
inayopendelewa imba Voice: Pocahontas
inayopendelewa Speaking Voice: Belle
Hottest Prince: Naveen
inayopendelewa Sidekick: Mushu
Best Songs: The Little Mermaid
Best Score: Beauty and the Beast
inayopendelewa Film: Beauty and the Beast
inayopendelewa Kiss: Belleast's Fireworks Kiss
 lepetitsouris posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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