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SipNGrip11 posted on May 09, 2013 at 05:36PM
Before it airs this weekend this is my theory on the Dr.'s REAL name:
F all the dots people are trying to connect and focus on the equation which is SUPPOSED to be a joke and his nickname from the academy.
Theta Sigma:
Theta:A measure of the rate of decline in the value of an option due to the passage of time. Theta can also be referred to as the time decay on the value of an option. If everything is held constant, then the option will lose value as time moves closer to the maturity of the option.
Sigma: (one definition) Chemistry & Physics relating to or denoting an electron or orbital with zero angular momentum around an internuclear axis.
∂³∑x² : Everyone keeps saying its just a joke but I searched lonnnnng and hard (because I'm a dork) and a few math pro's state that the equation if truelly broke down = 0 OR x=0 x=0
I think to "end" the time war he had to create a paradox that's time locked and if his name is spoken (being that everything can basically be broken down into numbers) the whole universe would fold in on itself. With all that said.........they're still not going to tell you his name! :) Dr. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Rainshadow999 said…
Exactly! :D
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita SipNGrip11 said…
I have another simple one but it's a little out there like everyone else lol:
When River was "conceived" on the Tardis she became 1/2 TL, (we haven't seen River but ONCE so far...hmmmmm) Maybe however the Vortex gave her half that power the rest got shot back into the Vortex (The HEART) of the TARDIS and because it's the heart of the machine maybe that explains WHY or WHAT those things in the "Journey to the Center of the Tardis" episode and why he says "Sorry" too her when they see them together and the scanner reads "Clara". So Clara IS Clara I believe so shes not out of time. Somehow I think that they never explained how all of sudden River's wasn't brain washed anymore when in season 6 she had already been rescued? Why did we see her grave in the preview. I think she's somehow a reincarnation of River throughout time (she said she was going to go younger to freak people out). Which if River is alive (she's in the preview) and in the preview when the TARDIS is crashing he clearly state "IT'S AN ENDLESS PARAXOX AND THE TARDIS CAN'T TAKE IT!".
BASICALLY lol-I think he saved her but he created a Paradox and THIS is his life with River. His name...I already put my thoughts on that but from the latest Moffet info I've read and other "Whovians" we know that "silence" isn't going to fall, there's an 8th season which Matt already said he signed on for and they start filming after his movie filming here(US), and everything pointing towards a simple but cool ending that'g there saying is going to "take the show in a whole new direction and answer a lot of the small mysteries people have been asking. SOMEONE I read had the idea that because he took the bracelet off in the "Darlek Asylum" he really is still there and he IS Clara...thought it was also really out there but made a lot of sense LOGICALLY. I have to keep telling myself when I'm pondering this that ITS JUST A SHOW as much as we all want to be on that TARDIS! And like I said...we won't learn his name...and plain site...if anything it's John Smith but I don't want to know :)
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Ahthen said…
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Ahthen commented…
Edit: I don't think anyone really thinks its a joke, I mean if it was meant to be one why did they put it in the Tomb of Rassilon seven years after publication. zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita