Doctor Who The New Series Ranked in Order of Preference

WodLCyznoo posted on Apr 16, 2016 at 01:05PM
Series 5 [Favourite]
Best Episode: The Big Bang
Worst Episode: The Lodger

Series 3
Best Episode: Blink
Worst Episode: Daleks in Manhattan

Series 1
Best Episode: Dalek
Worst Episode: Aliens of London

Series 8
Best Episode: Mummy on the Orient Express
Worst Episode: Kill the Moon

Series 4
Best Episode: Midnight
Worst Episode: Journey's End

Series 9
Best Episode: Heaven Sent
Worst Episode: Hell Bent

Series 2
Best Episode: The Girl in the Fireplace
Worst Episode: Fear Her

Series 7
Best Episode: The Angels Take Manhattan
Worst Episode: The Crimson Horror

Series 6 [Least Favourite]
Best Episode: The Doctor's Wife
Worst Episode: Closing Time
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