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 "What the frick Emmys?!?!"
"What the frick Emmys?!?!"
As we have all heard kwa now, Robert Sean Leonard has been snubbed kwa the Emmy Awards once again. Not only did he not recieve a nomination for his role as Dr James Wilson, he did not even make the nomination shortlist. In awali years, I have felt that Robert Sean Leonard deserved at least a nomination for his work on 'House MD', and was always bitterly diappointed that he was ignored every year. However, this mwaka I thought it would finally be his year, especially aliyopewa his brilliant performances in the episodes 'House's Head' and 'Wilson's Heart'. Yet, the Emmy Gods decided against rewarding...
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 sorry, didn't have a picture of Wilson wearing it...
sorry, didn't have a picture of Wilson wearing it...
A week zamani au so I was having a kuoga when suddenly a thought came to my mind: Maybe wewe can find a McGill sweatshirt on the internet, like the one Wilson and Amber have been wearing!
I quickly jumped out of the kuoga and started to google....XD...and i was lucky!!!
I found a homepage of the McGill chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha in Canada and also found out that the "House crew" (no idea who exactly) wrote to that chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha to get some McGill stuff for the onyesha House.
I was so excited when I found the clothes on their homepage, and I found the grey sweatshirt with the red lettering ♥!
My inayofuata thought was: I want...
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Okay, still brainstorming ideas for that Thutner fic, but in the meantime, here's this.

There Are Sailing Ships That Pass

It was a horrible thought. He could hardly kubeba to give it even the smallest place in his mind. It caused so much pain to an already injured human being. And yet, it was entirely true.
The fact was, that Amber had been just another phase in his life, just as Lori, and Bonnie, and Julie had been. He’d met her. They’d fallen in love. The only difference was that this time, they hadn’t fallen back out of love.
To Wilson, his...
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 Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
Dr. James Wilson. (Robert Sean Leonard)
I'm new to this spot and I thought I'd try to ease the distress of all the Wilson mashabiki after those Season 5 promos kwa giving wewe my well-funded reason why Wilson can't leave: (focuses mainly on how House and the onyesha would be affected... but it might help)

if Wilson leaves, the effects on House would simply be disastrous... it's like action and reaction:

The things that make House who he is apart from his brilliance and his gift are his constant self-destructive behaviors (interesting and intriguing), his drug habit and his obvious talent for insulting and mocking other's with great credibility....
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WARNING!! S5 Spoiler!
Don't read if wewe don't want to know what may happen in Season 5 au haven't seen the Promo.

Recently, I was watching the Season 5 promo video even though I told myself I won't because I live in the UK and Season 5 is a long way away for me. But I got withdrawal symptoms and subsided. I know, I have absolutely no willpower. Anyway, so I watched the promo, and the first time round and I was so excited that I didn't even take anything in. The sekunde time round, however, I listened zaidi closely and heard these very words coming out of Wilson's mouth: 'I'm resigning'...
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A-Amber was the one he loved ♥
B-Boy Wonder Oncologist!
C-Cares about people all the time.
D-Duck <3 He gave a toy bata to little Rachel.
E-Eyebrows- who doesn't upendo his eyebrows?
F-Food. It tends to get stolen kwa House.
G-Gummy bears. He doesn't like them.
H-Head of the Department of Oncology
I-Illness. Clinical Depression.
K-Kitchen. Wilson cooking is LOVE.
L-Likes alcohol and parties.
M-Marriages- They don't work out so well for him.
N-Needy. He likes needy people.
O-Oh my god, he's so cute!
P-Pantless Wilson makes us flail!
R-Responsibility. He's incapable of turning away from it.
S-Sex. Appearantly he is good in bed. (xD)
T-Tie. Wilson has a large collection of ties <3.
U-Unique. Simpley unique.
V-Very handsome.
W-Well Adjusted. But as messed up as the rest of us...
Y-You drugged me! XDDD