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posted by misanthrope86
One fine day, Lisa Cuddy and Baby Rachel were window shopping.

"Oooooo look at that skirt, upindo Rachel! Mummy would look amazing in that!" alisema Cuddy, pointing
at a tight black skirt, upindo displayed in a duka window.
Rachel responded with some weird baby noises which seemed to be in agreement with Cuddy's observation.

Cuddy and Baby Rachel crossed the road, intending to visit the baby clothing store, when Cuddy noticed a quaint little duka called:

Mr Finklesworth's Emporium Of Merriful Wonderment

"Intriguing... Shall we go have a look in there Rachel?"
Rachel responded with zaidi agreeing gurgles.

Cuddy and Rachel...
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posted by tatia
 wewe are sweetheart...
You are sweetheart...

Yeah yeah yeah x4
Cuddy ah
Cuddy ah
wewe are in my moyo

Cuddy eh
Cuddy eh
wewe are the best woman

Cuddy oh
Cuddy oh
wewe just rock

Cuddy what?
Cuddy what?
wewe are sweetheart

All people upendo you
All people want you
wewe are a big desire
You’re so hot like fire

All people believe on wewe
 onyesha your upendo in the huddy-cuddy spot...
Show your upendo in the huddy-cuddy spot...

All people say the truth
You are a big star
I am a big fan

Cuddy dream
Cuddy queen
Want wewe in my life
Want wewe kwa my side

The best advise
is to rise
And see again
The huddy heart

Return in the life
Which huddy inside
Return it the ship
It’s just a tip

All people...
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We are focusing on SENDING THONGS AND BALLS TO fox, mbweha AND NBC entertainment presidents with one of the suggested captions listed below. We will add zaidi suggestions as they come in.

This campaign will take the two most maarufu ideas on the fandom and combines them. It also leaves open the option of sending one au the other if both are not feasible. In this way we will have a united front.

This is a joint effort kwa many fandoms. Each House fandom is welcome and encouraged to have one of their members as an executive here...
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posted by KaterinoulaLove
One of the many, many great things about House is the acerbic, flirtatious relationship between the crippled Dr. Gregory House and his boss, the Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy. We can only assume that having a man like House on your payroll is a constant moto alarm of potential malpractice lawsuits and bristling sarcasm, so it's astounding that Cuddy has managed to hold onto her sanity so long. Clad in tight pencil skirts and cleavage-revealing sweaters, Cuddy may be a little on the MILFy side for our usual tastes but age ain't nothing but a number, baby. Her and House have some sort of sexual...
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For those that missed it on tumblr/twitter/LJ - here are the gift details:

Lisa LOVES cookbooks. I’ll be compiling vegetarian/vegan recipes from her mashabiki all around the world and having them published into a book.

It WILL get to the Huddy Queen :) I have "her people's" address.

So dig into your family cookbooks au browse around online and find your inayopendelewa recipe. Make sure to include your name and country. For US residents, I’d upendo to include states for all those comfortable with it.

Here is our current participant tally (please note that this is a tally of just the emails - if zaidi than...
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This is an All My Children and House crossover shabiki fiction I do not own All My Children it belongs to ABC and House belongs to FOX. Also AMC mashabiki in this story David does not know about his child with Amanda. House mashabiki Cuddy is not with Lucas and doesn’t have Rachel. Sorry if this disappoints anyone I hope wewe will still read and enjoy the story. Reviews are love. Enjoy!

All My Doctors

Chapter 1: New Head of Cardiology

Dr. Lisa Cuddy sat in her office at eight o’clock Monday morning quietly reviewing over some notes and other paperwork. She was very anxious about seeing her newest employee...
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Ok, this was inspired kwa the makala "10 Things wewe Never Knew About James Wilson" in the James E. Wilson spot. It is not meant to be taken seriously. I just wrote this for laughs. Hope wewe guys enjoy.

1. Her first word was “party” and her sekunde word was “pants.”

    She didn’t believe it until her parents showed her videotape evidence of this.

2. Her first boyfriend was a guy who was in her high school chess club.

    She prefers not to think about this phase of her life.

3. She briefly wished she was a lawyer during the doctor vs. lawyer paintball...
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House was at nyumbani thinking about what he saw early in that day. Cuddy, Dean of Medicine of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, the object of his fantasies, was kissing someone in her office. He got up of the sofa, put down the glass of whiskey on the meza, jedwali and grabbed his keys.

Cuddy relaxing on her sofa, her hair was still wet, her hand held a glass of red wine. She kept thinking about the kiss and on her face was smile. Suddenly there was a knock on her door.

She looked at the time, 11 pm. At her door there was House.

“House?” She shook her head.

“Who was he?” He asked....
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When I think of This A.D., I think "Wow, these people have really gone mad for me"

When I think of this A.D., I think "Should I do something as well?"

When I think on what I should do for this A.D., I think "Wouldnt they find crazy a woman who flails for herself?"

When I think of poeple's thoughts about me attending this A.D., I think "DUH! These are the times where I don't really care..."

When I think about those times, I think "Well, since I don't care, what could I bring to the party?"

When I think about what to bring to my A.D., I think " I could buy some bottles of water, Coke, 7Up,Orange juice,...
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Cuddy had one saa to finish everything and go home. She still had to schedule a few meetings, in her almost full agenda. Suddenly someone knocked on her office door.

“Come on in.” She said.

“Hey. I was wondering if we could talk.” He alisema almost asking.

“Is the MRI machine broken again?” She asked afraid.

“No, don’t worry.” He laughed. “Everything is just fine around the Hospital.”

“Oh. Sorry about that. I’m so busy lately, that I barely have time to see anything changing and breaking in front of me.” She replied embarrassed. “I mean if anything bad happened...
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 I agree! So Hot!
I agree! So Hot!

Once upon a time lived a woman whose name was Lisa Cuddy. One siku she was at the shopping store when everyone began telling her how sexy she was. From that siku on, Cuddy knows she's the sexiest woman of all, au at least that's what she thinks. And so she lived a happily ever after.

Duh, it was so hard to write this ff!!! Hope wewe enjoyed as much as I do.For the Cuddy Appreciation Day! (C.A.D.)!!!!!!
Rating: T (to be safe)
Summary: Continuation of “Paternity”

House didn’t know how long he’d been standing on that lacrosse field. But the sun had gone down hours zamani and the sky was now pitch black and his breath was visible. He shook his head and downed two Vicodin before finally heading back to his car. He’d be lying if he alisema that his missed his old life. Looking back, college was the best time of his life. Lacrosse, running, tons of girls falling over themselves to get to him, Cuddy…he smiled faintly at those memories. She’d pursued him, but not in that way. She was intrigued...
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A/N: If wewe guys read my first chapter I hope wewe liked it...I'm carrying it on anyways...umm... yah...im a bit bored and i have time for this...i want to thank Bree in Diamonds though, she was the one who gave me the idea for this fic cause I am thoroughly enjoying hers... XD...I hpoe who ever is kusoma is enjoying...read and review...PLEASE!!!reviews are like drugs to me!!



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Title: Pilot Redux
Rating: T (I guess – for innuendo)
Summary: I’m working on uandishi a Huddy ending on add-in scene for each episode. This is a continuation of “Pilot”. My first huddy fic so be nice :-)

“5PM…Doctor House checking out…make sure wewe write that down.” House tosses the last chart onto the desk. He smirks and makes his way to Cuddy’s office, bursting through the doors.

A soft groan of exasperation escapes her lips. “Do wewe even know how to knock?”

“Of course I do.”

“What do wewe want, House?”

“I just came kwa to see if wewe had any other eloquent pearls...
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SPOILERS!, speculation and my imagination…sort of huddish with hints of Cuddy/Lucas

Thanks to yunioshi for help me out with my grammar mistakes…

Cuddy heard a knock at her hotel room door. She knew exactly who it was. She opened the door.

“Go to wewe room House, it’s late, and we leave early in the morning.”

House stared at her.

“What do wewe want?”
“You weren’t shocked about that bit of information that Wilson spilt?”

House was talking about a moment an saa ago, when in the hotel bar a very drunk Wilson told Cuddy that House slept with a woman in Mayfield.

“Was I supposed to be?...
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Episode 3: Occam’s Razor
Rating: T

“Go find Cuddy and kiss her ass.” That’s what Wilson had told him. That was why he was standing at her office door right now. And that was why he was doing something he hadn’t done since his first siku working there. He knocked.

“Come in.” She was working diligently on paperwork. When she heard the thump of his cane, she was sure that she had to be mistaken. She looked up slowly. “House? Are wewe okay?”

He set several files on her desk. “My paperwork”

She flipped through the papers in complete disbelief. “You actually did paperwork? And not...
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posted by EnjoyHuddy
This isn't a real article,well ,I think this isn't an makala at all, it'a just a little thought where I say Why I upendo Lisa Cuddy...

First of all, Let's say who is Lisa Cuddy:
She's the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching hospital
Her speciality is Endocrinology;
She's Jewish;
She's over 40;
She wants a baby;
She went at the chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha of Michigan where she met Gregory House , one of her currently employee.
This was just a little start now let's say why I really upendo her:

1)Because she's a strong women:"I think she has always been a strong women,but what I've...
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After an unexpected and passionate kiss in her own office, Cuddy was ready to go home. Just a few signatures zaidi on a bunch of papers that the Head Nurse left in the lobby and that was it. She met Wilson, who was about to sign out.



House showed up and jiunge them.

“Hello people. What did I miss? Dirty little secrets?”

“What?! No!” Cuddy alisema almost screaming.

“Ah, well we could be talking about that. There’s a lot going on in this hospital.” Wilson said.

“Ohhh I know! wewe don’t even imagine what a man can discover kwa looking at little details.” House...
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AN: I noticed that there weren't many review but there were over 200 hits on this fic...I hope those people who didn't review are enjoying it...the zaidi reviews the faster I update...if anyone has any advice on how i could make my fic better in anyway please let me know... :) im a bit bored now so i thought i might indulge wewe in this chappie...


Thanks -




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A/N:Hey guys...I was thinking about starting up this fic after I read a Cuddy/Thirteen fic and I thought it was really sweet so I decided to do one. It will be really new to me as I am an avid Huddy shipper but I will try and make it as 'realistic' in terms of the relationship. (I am a bi-sexual myself so I can relate). So, read and review please.

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